District Leader Telling Pharmacists Ignore CDC Flu Vaccine Recommendations

District Leader Telling Pharmacists Ignore CDC Flu Vaccine Recommendations. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKqXmyt-yJQ&feature=emb_logo I doubt if most pts that patronize CVS, Walgreens and other chain pharmacies realize that the Pharmacist/Rx dept have monthly quotas of various vaccinations that the Pharmacist/pharmacy can legally provide. This audio is a audio recording of a CVS district manager (DM) with untold number […]

Medtronic to pay $9.2M over alleged kickbacks involving 100+ events at surgeon’s restaurant

Medtronic to pay $9.2M over alleged kickbacks involving 100+ events at surgeon’s restaurant https://www.beckersspine.com/orthopedic-a-spine-device-a-implant-news/item/50325-medtronic-to-pay-9-2m-over-alleged-kickbacks-involving-100-events-at-surgeon-s-restaurant.html Medtronic USA will pay over $9.2 million to settle allegations that it footed the bill for expensive events benefiting South Dakota neurosurgeon Wilson Asfora, MD, to induce him to use certain implantable devices, the Department of Justice announced Oct. 29. Medtronic […]

‘Open Notes’ Rule Delayed Until April

‘Open Notes’ Rule Delayed Until April https://www.medpagetoday.com/publichealthpolicy/generalprofessionalissues/89384 Feds point to limited healthcare IT resources spurred by COVID as reason for delay Implementation of the federal “Open Notes” rule granting patients immediate access to their clinical notes, originally slated for Monday, has been postponed until next spring, a Department of Health and Human Services official said. […]

Dr. Andrew Kolodny responds to protest calling for the University to fire him

Kolodny spoke with the Justice over Zoom about the problems with the recent campus protest. https://www.thejustice.org/article/2020/10/dr-andrew-kolodny-responds-to-protest-calling-for-the-university-to-fire-him-brandeis Content warning: This article discusses addiction, chronic pain and suicide. Standing near the Brandeis University sign by the entrance to campus, a small group of protestors held signs reading “We call on Brandeis to Fire Andrew Kolodny.” The Oct. […]

Walmart Pharmacist: faxed note “unable to fill here – send to other pharmacy”

I received this note from a pain clinic and according to them this pt had been on this C-II medication for YEARS. No “clinical reason” for denial of care just “send to other pharmacy” I don’t know for sure, but typically chronic pain pts typically take a “boat load” of medications. So if this Walmart […]

Trump Urges Early Voters to Switch Choice

President Donald Trump sent out a tweet on Tuesday instructing those who want to change their vote that it is legal in most cases, suggesting that those asking if it is possible want to switch to support him, Newsweek reported. “Strongly Trending (Google) since immediately after the second debate is CAN I CHANGE MY VOTE? […]

watch this man I loved die a bit everyday until nothing of the man I loved was left to a shell of pain

Yesterday at 3:18 am the man I spent the last 20 years with dies.So unexpectedly I’m blindsided.Our 10 year old daughter called 911 cause daddy stopped snoring and she couldn’t wake him up.I ran downstairs I knew the minute I saw his face. The paramedics were wonderful they worked for 45 min to get a […]

Smartphones are not only addictive themselves; but exacerbate the problems of other substance/process addictions

Most people trying to “financially get by” on Medicare disability run out of “money” before they reach the end of the month. Bureaucrats want every worker to get $15/hr that is abt $30,000/yr and they are typically at that level below the poverty level. yet most people on Medicare disability are LUCKY if their Medicare […]

Political Pharmacist PODCAST: A Paragon WINNER Leaves CVS

https://soundcloud.com/politicalpharmacist/episode-56-a-paragon-leaves-cvs The Paragon Award at CVS recognizes it’s highest performing and best in class pharmacists. So why have a fair number of them left the company? An anonymous pharmacist, that goes by Arthur, joins me to discuss some of the major issues he has seen with CVS and the chronic backlog of work that really […]

Presidential debate – a take away ..

Both Pres Trump & candidate Biden seemed to state that PRE-EXISTING HEALTH ISSUES WOULD BE COVERED… by whatever health insurance system that either one will bring to the market place. For the chronic pain community.. this pay provide a path for some law firms to find a way to take various parts of our healthcare […]