Trump Urges Early Voters to Switch Choice

donald trump holds arms out behind podium

President Donald Trump sent out a tweet on Tuesday instructing those who want to change their vote that it is legal in most cases, suggesting that those asking if it is possible want to switch to support him, Newsweek reported.

“Strongly Trending (Google) since immediately after the second debate is CAN I CHANGE MY VOTE? This refers changing it to me,” Trump wrote in the tweet, adding that “The answer in most states is YES. Go do it. Most important Election of your life!”

Trump sent the message after an apparent increase in Google searches for how to change one’s vote. More than 58 million people have already voted ahead of Election Day, which is a new record, according to Newsweek.

HITC checked if indeed the phrase “Can I change my vote” was trending and discovered that it has been, although there is no indication of which way those who have cast their ballot may want to change their vote.

Google Trends indicates that ‘Can I change my vote’ was also trending last week. While interest did go up after the Thursday presidential debate, the actual surge was registered a few days later on Sunday.

That surge was linked by The Gateway Pundit to the release of sex tapes allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden.

The Inquisitr pointed out that Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, New York, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, and Connecticut do permit individuals to change  their choice after early voting.

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