watch this man I loved die a bit everyday until nothing of the man I loved was left to a shell of pain

Yesterday at 3:18 am the man I spent the last 20 years with dies.So unexpectedly I’m blindsided.Our 10 year old daughter called 911 cause daddy stopped snoring and she couldn’t wake him up.I ran downstairs I knew the minute I saw his face. The paramedics were wonderful they worked for 45 min to get a faint pulse and they were packing up.I said no heroics measures please. The paramedics asked what we thought happened out of the mouth babes my 10 year said they underrated his pain.She continues to  say drs making these decisions should come to the homes of these Patients to see the damage they cause.My daddy begged every month for an increase in his pain medication 2 years ago he was taking 360mme he lost his dr of 21 years 1 month they cut his script by 50% then the following month cut his script again 50%then then sent him to UW pain Management a front for PROP they told him no more cuts from now on they would slow down the tapers and they lied he was immediately cut again by 50% now down 70mme.He tried to find another dr he couldn’t he filed a complaint last summer he was in so much pain and bed ridden no quality if life. He longer participated as a family he just stayed in bed until his next appointment.My 10 year told the paramedics we watched him die every day bit by bit it was a cruel thing for the dr to do ignore his pain he knew daddy had no life he said his hands are tied. I knew he was lying because he couldn’t look me in the eye.It has been a very painful last year to watch this man I loved die a bit everyday until nothing of the man I loved was left to a shell of pain.I can’t explain to my 10 year old why would they not help daddy.

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  1. Im so sorry for there lost There story sounds like mine. There was a time in this country these frauds pretending to be doctors would have been investigated for cause of patient death. That doesnt happen anymore. Only the doctors who help patients with proper medication get investigated. These useless humans need to be held accountable for patients death..What is the purpose of having a Doctor degree if your not there to help? Any idiot can do what these clowns are doing They need to be charged with MURDER!! Thats what it is !!

    • Sorry about your daddy. Yes all the Dr today are so cruel. Kaiser will kill me for sure. These Dr took an oath to protect no kill there patient.
      People of all ages that suffer from Chronic pain need not suffer.
      It’s everywhere today. Kaiser being the worst of all.
      They should all be charged. So sorry for all of us that are being abused by these monsters.

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