Sessions’ new crackdown on drug prescribers won’t stop the opioid crisis

Treating the problem as a law enforcement issue, rather than a public health crisis. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Wednesday that the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) would be undertaking a 45-day “surge” in a bid to crack down on prescribers and pharmacies that have been handing out unusually large amounts of prescription narcotics. “Our […]

Massachusetts Gov Pushes Bill That Would Force Opioid Addicts Into Rehab The Massachusetts governor called on state lawmakers to approve a bill that would allow drug addicts to be held against their will for potential treatment.  Republican Gov. Charlie Baker proposed a law aimed at trying to fix the state’s growing opioid addiction problem, reports NECN. One part of the bill allows doctors and law […]

Envisions RX give their members the prescription coverage and service they deserve ?

My name is xxxx.xxxx I wanted to ask If you have heard or learned anything about this new “Opioid Safety Form?”  It is required by my Medicare D (Envisions RX) for patients who need over 200 MMEs per day. From what I understand it will soon be required by all Medicare D companies. The form […]

Commentary: Don’t let the War on Drugs lead to untreated pain “Pain is a more terrible lord of mankind than even death itself.” — Albert Schweitzer, 1875-1965 Albert Schweitzer was a physician and theologian, best remembered for his missionary work in Africa. If you’ve experienced excruciating and unremitting pain, or felt helpless observing someone else in the throes of such torment, you know exactly what […]

Republican Secret Attack on DOJ   On 12/20/2017, an article was written claiming that House Republicans are quietly investigating perceived corruption at DOJ, FBI. The group was born out of frustration over the Justice Department’s refusal to explain how it used a disputed dossier that describes alleged ties between President Donald Trump and Russia.  How can we use this? […]

Veterans Still In Dark On Communist Style Patient Flagging System A new VA OIG report into Disruptive Behavior Committees and Patient Record Flags shows VA still keeps veterans in the dark about this communist system. I have covered the communist Disruptive Behavior Committee scheme the agency uses to label veterans without first informing the veteran of their rights and withholding information about the nature […]

Associate Attorney General Brand Announces End To Use of Civil Enforcement Authority to Enforce Agency Guidance Documents

Associate Attorney General Brand Announces End To Use of Civil Enforcement Authority to Enforce Agency Guidance Documents Today, as a follow-up to a memo issued by Attorney General Jeff Sessions in November, the Office of the Associate Attorney General issued a new policy that prohibits the Department of Justice from using its civil enforcement […]

Your prescriber doesn’t have access to a computer.. you don’t get a prescription ?

Senate Panel Considers Bill to Outlaw Handwritten Prescriptions A three-member Senate panel is delaying a decision on a bill that would require all medical providers to electronically submit drug prescriptions to pharmacies. Sen. Tom Greene, (R-Burlington), who worked as a pharmacist, says the bill would help curb the abuse of opioids and other controlled […]

TEN DEATHS over FORTY YEARS from OTC medication… warrants restricting distribution ?

Diarrhea Drug Imodium Swept Up in Opioid Crisis Under FDA Rules Boxes of Johnson & Johnson’s popular antidiarrheal drug Imodium could soon contain far fewer caplets, under a U.S. Food and Drug Administration request that seeks to limit access of drug abusers to pills that can produce an opioid-like high.  The FDA has asked […]

Here’s why a worker’s comp reform bill will help fight the opioid crisis | Opinion In a recent op-ed for PennLive, Dr. George L. Rodriguez, of the Injury Rehabilitation Centers of Pennsylvania, said that state lawmakers have the “gall” to claim that a bill now before the state House will help address our state’s opioid crisis. There is unmistakable evidence that this bill is good policy. In Ohio, when that […]