Pharmacy Board Dismisses Most Prescription Error Complaints

This report is nearly three years old and concerns the BOP of MASS… has things really changed? Over a two year period …In fact of those 180 complaints, just 14 resulted in disciplinary action against pharmacies. .. at the time of this report …The head of the pharmacy board in Massachusetts has been James DeVita, […]

Could we serve more patients better?

In many places that I have temped at, I often see notes in the employee kitchen or break area “Your Mother doesn’t live here.. clean up after yourself” Should be apply that same philosophy to some of our pt/customers? You know who they are… the “informationally deficient patient”.. they are lucky to know their own […]

Is this commerical FALSE ADVERTISING or just a LIE ?

I exchange emails with Pharmacists across the country.. many of them who work for CVS.. the work environment and staffing levels that they tell me about in their particular store sure doesn’t provide time for One-on-one anything. Of course, it would seem like nearly weekly you see in the news where CVS pays a fine […]

How do you charge a corporate permit holder with unprofessional conduct?

Here is a article about a action that the New York Board of Pharmacy took. The question in this writer’s mind is how do you charge a permit holder with UNPROFESSIONAL CONDUCT… when they are not a licensed professional within the state? Being a pharmacy permit holder requires no special education, background or testing to […]

Are Medical Directors at Insurance Companies/PBM illegally practicing medicine?

It has been reported that ~ 75% of medical directors at insurance companies are only GP/FP/Internists, making medical decisions about what medical treatments will be paid for or not paid for… many of which are way outside of their skill sets. We know that it is ILLEGAL/UNETHICAL for a prescriber to prescribe medication for person […]

Gray Ethics

Remember when you were in grade school and you formed a “whip line”? Those that got on to the line late… knew that they were screwed… keeping up was not a viable long term option. Could Pharmacists be the ones at the end of the healthcare “whip line”… Look at the analogies … 40+ yrs […]

If you are a PIC, should you be concerned?

When our practice acts were first written the PIC and the permit holder were one and the same. If the PIC was found “at fault” and liable for something that happened, the permit holder was “along for the ride”. Today, in the majority of the situations, that is not the same, since the majority of […]

Has CVS suddendly got morals?

Here is a article about how CVS has basically declared certain doctors in Florida “unfit” to write prescriptions for C-II’s. According to the article… a unknown number of prescribers received a letter from CVS stating that CVS would no longer fill their prescriptions. Of course, CVS is not releasing the names of the prescribers receiving […]

Do they think that no one is paying attention?

Here is a article from THE SPOKESMAN-REVIEW Here is quote from the article… An InvestigateWest analysis of U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration data shows Washington ranked fourth-highest nationally in per-capita prescribing of methadone in 2006 (the most recent year for which reliable data is available) and 11th for oxycodone – the two biggest killers. The state […]

When they can’t put 2 and 2 together

Here is a article that was recently published in the WASHINGTON POST 20 Percent in Nation Suffer Mental Illness, Report Says According to the article About 20 percent of American adults suffer some sort of mental illness each year, and about 5 percent experience a serious disorder that disrupts work, family or social life, according […]