Is this commerical FALSE ADVERTISING or just a LIE ?

I exchange emails with Pharmacists across the country.. many of them who work for CVS.. the work environment and staffing levels that they tell me about in their particular store sure doesn’t provide time for One-on-one anything. Of course, it would seem like nearly weekly you see in the news where CVS pays a fine for some issue while agreeing to no wrong doing. How screwed up or corrupt is our legal system that someone is permitted to pay a fine.. often in the millions while admitting they did nothing wrong. Why doesn’t our system hold the BOD, President or other high level execs of a corporation responsible for allowing such wrong doing to happen in the first place. These same people don’t seem to have a problem accepting millions of dollars in salaries, bonuses and stock options. To this writer, it seems like they operate under a system of all personal positives and no personal negatives.

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