Chronic painer “forced” into buying street drugs… dies from overdose ?

After 7th Death, DEA Takes Over Search For Fentanyl Pills In Sacramento SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The Drug Enforcement Administration is taking over an investigation into how fentanyl ended up in drugs in the Sacramento area after a seventh person is believed to have been killed by the drug. The family of Jerome Butler says he […]

Over the total 78 weeks observed, there were no overdose events in the extended-release naltrexone group and seven in the usual-treatment group

Extended-Release Naltrexone to Prevent Opioid Relapse in Criminal Justice Offenders Background Extended-release naltrexone, a sustained-release monthly injectable formulation of the full mu-opioid receptor antagonist, is effective for the prevention of relapse to opioid dependence. Data supporting its effectiveness in U.S. criminal justice populations are limited. Full Text of Background…   Methods In this five-site, […]

WV: 3,000 doses Naloxone administered, which hopefully saved 3,000 lives… we don’t know ?

‘Ahead of the curve’: Summit shows WV’s progress on drugs Naloxone can be compared to finding someone starving to death.. you give them a meal/drink and hope that they stop starving.. Apparently WV… just revives people who overdose and puts them back into the environment from which they came and hope that they “get […]

unintended consequences from bureaucrats interfering with the healthcare system

Doctors resist new painkiller prescribing procedures It has been reported that only 47% of prescribers are ready/capable of sending electronic control medications Rxs.  Whereas 95% of the pharmacies are able to accept electronic controlled Rxs.  Using averages, for every million people population there are 11,000 pts that need to get a controlled Rx filled […]

Study involving 21 pts … produces valid conclusion/outcome ?

One Month of Opioid Use Causes Gray Matter Loss, New Study Confirms Scientists from the United States and Australia have confirmed there is reduced gray matter volume in several areas of the brains of people who take opioids for more than a few days (Pain Med 2015 Dec 26. [Epub ahead of print]). The […]

I’m from the government and here to help you !

You will have to click on image to enlarge and make readable. This is a letter that a chronic painer received from the Federal ADA agency, after filing a complaint against Humana Mail Order Pharmacy for refusing to fill a C-II for a pt having Humana Medicare Advantage program. The ADA agency – part of […]

End global war on drugs, bring in decriminalization to protect human rights

End global war on drugs, bring in decriminalization to protect human rights, says report The global war on drugs has failed, eroding public health and human rights, and must be scrapped in favor of decriminalization, a report commissioned by a leading medical journal says. Anti-narcotics efforts have had little impact on global patterns of […]

increased in patient adverse events, including higher mortality rates and hospitalizations

Medicare Competitive Bidding Program Under Fire WASHINGTON — A new Medicare competitive bidding program for durable medical equipment has made it more difficult for diabetic beneficiaries to get the supplies they need, according to endocrinologists and diabetes advocates. “As implemented, Medicare has used the Competitive Bidding Program to significantly reduce the cost of diabetes […]

More bureaucrats creating new medical practicing laws/rules/regulations?

Four Distinct Federal and State Policies Addressing Prescription Opioid Abuse USA March 29 2016 The first quarter of 2016 has witnessed a great deal of attention in government to the problem of opioid-related overdose and death in the United States. In just the past few weeks, the Senate passed prescription drug treatment and abuse […]

Could this be their game plan.. learning from their previous mistakes

There are a lot of comparisons between alcohol prohibition by the 18th Amendment back in 1920. It created a “black market” for alcohol.. just like the Harrison Narcotic Act 1914 created a “black market” for certain opiates (Heroin & Cocaine ) and Marijuana. The 18th Amendment created the likes of Al Capone and “gangster” that […]