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This is a letter that a chronic painer received from the Federal ADA agency, after filing a complaint against Humana Mail Order Pharmacy for refusing to fill a C-II for a pt having Humana Medicare Advantage program.

The ADA agency – part of the Dept of Justice – after reviewing the complaint, could not even provide an OPINION as to the validity of the complaint.  Of course, the ADA is under the same Cabinet position  .. Dept of Justice (DOJ)… the same as the DEA.  So is the ADA unwilling to pursue this denial of care issue is being caused by actions of the DEA and it is unheard of one Federal agency “going after” another Federal agency particularly under the same Cabinet position ?

It would appear that the ADA staffers are so lazy… they provide a list of organizations serving the complainant’s area… BUT.. CANNOT GUARANTEE that the listings are current and/or accurate.

Here is a list of actions taken by the ADA against various entities  http://www.ada.gov/enforce_activities.htm  

Looking at their actions, could it be that the ADA is discriminating against certain groups they are suppose to be representing ?




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