Best Practices – when does this happen?

This is a term that doesn’t seem to be in our vocabulary much anymore. or has this morphed into “metrics”… which.. those of us with a real patient focus knows that one does not have much to do with the other. While it is true that a good pharmacy tech can do 90%+ of what […]

Talk about your hypocracy

There is a article that would suggest that generic company’s products are not held to the same liability standards as the brand name product. So the insurance industry is mandating generics both as generic substitution, therapeutic interchange and step therapy… to the point that some 75%-85% generic utilization is common place. Is this the same […]

We complain that chain execs don’t understand pharmacy/Pharmacists – what were they thinking?

TV Commercial The ad people at Walgreens has come up with this new TV commercial.. has anyone seen a Pharmacist act like this in ANY PHARMACY? Conjures up memories of the old “war on drugs ” commercial… “… this is your brain – egg shown – then this is your brain on drugs… showing frying […]

Too big to fail … to small to matter ?

According to this article The Federal judge hearing the NACDS – NCPA & others lawsuit against the Medco/ESI merger.. will not issue a temporary injunction… with this justification “An order holding separate Medco from Express Scripts … would result in a headless organization that would likely be unable to survive on its own, much less […]

Document – Document – Document your CE

I normally do not procrastinate about my CE’s done for the year… My state association normally provides enough CE via written CE for the entire year. Typically, I send in the paperwork in Jan of the year… I get the certificate …scan it into my laptop and seldom have to access the information ever again. […]

Is it all about the money?

Here is an interesting article Bureaucrats focusing their concerns about monies being spent on anti-psychotic and pain meds.. we all  have to be concerned fraud and abuse… but to focus on people with subjective diseases (mental health & pain)… why isolate the top three prescribers… why not the top FIVE or top TEN? These pts […]

Will the NH BOP fail to act on this issue?

Here is an article of a complaint issued to the NH Board of Pharmacy.. Where it is alleged that a Planned Parenthood is “dispensing” legend drugs without a Pharmacist involved. Will the BOP “wimp out” and claim that the Planned Parenthood agency does not have any license from the BOP and thus the BOP has […]

Apparently some chains are giving priority treatments to how profitable you are PROFIT$ over $ERVICE

According to the Pharmacy Warrior the chain store where he/she works… puts anyone wanting a flu/vaccine shot AHEAD of all waiting Rxs.. Imagine… you are sick or you have a sick child and you just spent several hours in a doctor’s office… and you are trying to get a prescription filled … so that you […]

What do you do when increases on drug expenditures are at a 18 yr low?

If you are EXPRESS SCRIPS (ESI)… you come with a new program to encourage people to take/buy more medication under a the disguise INCREASING COMPLIANCE.. According to article in DRUG TOPICS… ESI is going to ….collect information about patients, their physicians, medical conditions, and prescribed therapies to determine who will most likely be at risk… […]

Another MIDDLEMAN in the healthcare system -sucking off money

Here is a article that appeared today in San Francisco Chronicle has anyone ever heard of these two companies SXC Health Solutions Corp. &  Catalyst Health Solutions Inc. From the article… here is the description of what the company does Founded as Systems Xcellence in 1993, SXC negotiates with drugmakers for lower prescription medicine prices […]