Apparently some chains are giving priority treatments to how profitable you are PROFIT$ over $ERVICE

According to the Pharmacy Warrior the chain store where he/she works… puts anyone wanting a flu/vaccine shot AHEAD of all waiting Rxs.. Imagine… you are sick or you have a sick child and you just spent several hours in a doctor’s office… and you are trying to get a prescription filled … so that you can get home and GET WELL… at least at this chain store… the Pharmacist(s) there… are instructed to put anyone WALKING UP and wanting a flu/vaccine.. that they are put at the head of the line… WHY??? because … giving flu/vaccine are MORE PROFITABLE to the chain than filling the typical prescription(s).

It would seem that this chains only priority is to get the most profit dollars into the register… if you are sick and are waiting to get your prescription(s) filled… you may get pushed to the “back of the bus”… if a more profitable pt/customer walks up…

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