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The DEA makes medical decisions without any medical knowledge ?

40,000 suicides a year and no epidemic here .. only some lives really matter News, Weather UPDATED WITH ENTIRE SHOW CLIP I have a large LCD TV sitting on my desk my laptop and last night as the NBC national news went off, I had not had taken the time to look at the TIVO guide as to what is coming on at 7 PM.  Saturday night at […]

100 K lawsuit over suffered loss of sleep and feelings of racial stigmatization

Black customer forced to prepay for meal files $100K discrimination lawsuit An African American man who says he was asked to pay for his meal before dining at a Washington state restaurant—unlike white diners around him– has filed a $100,000 discrimination suit against the chain. Brian Eason, a real estate agent who also serves […]

Pharmacists, law enforcement discuss Indiana’s opiate crisis – just talk… no action ?

Pharmacists, law enforcement discuss Indiana’s opiate crisis It would appear that Tamara Watson (narcotics investigator) doesn’t know the difference between Morphine – which doesn’t come in a 80 mg strength- and Oxycodone which comes in a tamper resistant 80 mg dose.. and is worth abt $1/mg on the street.  Notice that they state that […]

Political hypocrisy ?

Chris Christie dismisses the issue of gambling and addiction but.. in other statements .. he has stated that if he becomes President he would reset the WAR ON DRUGS back to the 70’s… that is not a good thing… I am not for or against Christie nor any of the other 200 candidates that are […]

Some lives do matter… but the media seems to be very selective as to which ones ?

VW emissions cheat estimated to cause 59 premature US deaths nearly 500,000 VW diesel cars with “rigged” pollution software.. will kill as many people by the end of 2016 … that mental health depression suicides causes in abt 12 HOURS.. do some lives really not matter ? Nearly 60 people will die prematurely from […]

Does the DEA consider itself ABOVE the LAW ?

DEA Agents Caught Soliciting Prostitutes Rewarded With Light Punishments, Bonus Checks from the saving-throw-on-‘integrity-check’-fails dept At the end of September, Brad Heath and Meghan Hoyer of USA Today published a DEA disciplinary log they’d obtained through an FOIA request. The document was obviously misnamed, as it showed plenty of misconduct by DEA agents, but […]

Is this a good thing or bad thing ?

Google wants to monitor your mental health. You should welcome it into your mind The use of technology to track and treat mental illness is deeply worrying but sadly necessary Next week, Dr Tom Insel leaves his post as head of the US National Institute of Mental Health, a job that made him America’s […]

The Board of Pharmacy touted a decrease of 40 million opiate doses prescribed between 2013 and 201

Kasich announces expanded system to track prescription painkiller abuse I wonder how many of those 40 million doses should have gone to legit chronic pain pts ?  How much suffering is this and other BOP’s and bureaucrats/politicians good intentions are causing. ? COLUMBUS — The pharmacy at a downtown Columbus Kroger became unusually crowded […]