when opinions are treated as FACTS and FACTS are treated as LIES ?

Andrew Mark Ho, MD


On April 19, 2016, Denver internist, Andrew Mark Ho MD’s life turned upside down. This was the beginning of a Board of Medicine/Federal government collusion to put another good, innocent doctor in prison. He was coerced to stop practicing as a result of the BOM’s investigation of six patients and his prescribing benzodiazepines in combination with opioids. He agreed to stop practicing in lieu of a summary suspension of his license by the board. Meanwhile, the board continued the investigation against him for his evaluation and treatment of patients.

So what does Dr. Ho’s patients say about his care? Dr. Ho had exemplary patient statements on various websites of healthcare professionals. Here are some of them:

Dr. Andrew Ho is not replaceable. He is the only doctor who patiently spends as much time as i need to answer any and all questions, sometimes up to 30 minutes per visit. He understands my challenges of travelling up to 9 months a year overseas and shows compassion in all aspects of work and family.

Exceptional doctor. Best doctor I have ever seen. He’s the best. Listens to your problems and does everything he can to help you. Don’t want to part with this doctor.

Dr. Andrew Ho is the best internist I’ve ever had and I’ve lived all over the world the past 30 years. His greatest qualities are deep knowledge of current and traditional medicine, bedside manner and that he spends however much time I need to answer all questions with a very relaxed demeanor. He understands the issues of a world-traveler (my two prior back surgeries) who spends up to 9 months a year (3 weeks a month) overseas and only one week back home in Denver.

DR Ho is most unusual…..HE cares ….he listens to your words and treats you like an important person. He helps with any needs, is most informed on latest drugs and treatments. I feel honored to call him “MY DOCTOR”. He is kind, friendly and ready to help you heal. May God ALWAYS keep him in His care.

So the attack by the BOM prevented Dr. Ho from making a living for over two years. Then, the icing on the cake. On October 25, 2018, the Feds indict him using the Controlled Substance Act illegally. The indictment states:

“Andrew M. Ho, practicing internal medicine in Denver, Colorado, has been charged with distributing or dispensing controlled substances illegally between September of 2014 and November of 2015 outside the usual course of professional practice and for a purpose other than a legitimate medical purpose.”

This statement was by U.S. Attorney Bob Troyer. Since the CSA states in §802(56)(c), that only the doctor can determine legitimate medical practice, then it would appear that Mr. Troyer is practicing medicine without a license making that statement.  He should be the one charged and put in prison, along with all the other US Attorneys that are doing the same thing for money and promotions.

Doctors in America should stop prescribing controlled substances altogether. This attack on Dr. Ho shows that anyone is a potential target. Don’t be naïve and think that there is any safe practice in pain management. If it is the US Attorney’s office that is determining what is legitimate medical practice, then it is just a matter of who they want to target, whether for money or for ethnic cleansing of the medical profession.

The US Attorney’s press release also shows how they are targeting doctors. They have formed the Colorado U.S. Attorney’s Opioid Working Group. The indictment states the following about this group:

“It is comprised of expert civil and criminal staff in the U.S. Attorney’s Office who use sophisticated data analytics to identify doctors and pharmacies unlawfully dispensing opioids.”

What that actually means is that the group is simply DOJ staff, some possibly even without a high school education, who go through the prescription monitoring program for the state and choose doctors based on the numbers or types of prescriptions written. And now with the passing of H.R. 6 becoming Pub. L. 115-271, more doctors will be targeted by simply using prescription numbers.

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  1. Thee only thing ,”stop prescribing the medicine opiates for the purpose of controlling physical pain from a medical condition is thee acceptance and practice of ,”torture in the healthcare setting,” thus the feds determination of ,”what medicine is,” is a direct violation of law 42-1395,and creating acceptance of torturing the medically ill in physical pain from a medical condition they had NO CHOICE in acquiring,,unlike ,”addictions,” which at the very point ,,U CHOOSE,, to put that pill,that shot,that snort,,into your body,,U CHOOSE to allow a drug to enter your body,,,its not the medicine pills faults or the syringes fault,u CHOOSE to shoot up or take a pill w/out 1st choosing to allow in into your own body,,thus a mental choice, has occued…WE HAVE NO MENTAL CHOICE in the disease that ravages our bodies,we have no choice in the physical pain our MEDICAL condition cause,,,,,thus,,again,,never ever allow the FORCED combo of mental and medical ,,look at the damage,torture it has done to our weakest in society,,our medically ill,,and again,,why does anyone think they have the right to willfully torture anyone??There is no-physical way for anyone to feel the physical pain of another,thus why would anyone think they have the right to inflict physical pain upon another,unless their demented, or the threat of arrest for being humane??The very decision the government did by determining ,”what is medicine,” is in direct violation of 42-1395,,,for allll our medicine is used for a MEDCAL PURPOSE,, thus opiate medicine is being used AS A MEDICINE,,,We need a lawyer w/some balls who isn’t AFRAID of truth to power,,and IN the process saving millions OF people lives from thee forced existence of ,the dark age of medicine,ie acceptance of torture in the healthcares setting,,for $$$$$$,,for addictionist,and the DEA,,jmo,,maryw

  2. I realize I’m not the one with a medical license, but this practice of calling on all doctors to “stop prescribing controlled substances altogether” is a further abdication of medical responsibility & ethics. What do these docs think this will accomplish, other than perfecting the ruination of the lives of those who haven’t yet lost their medications & quality of life? Do they think there will suddenly be a groundswell of people who will rise up & defend them? Having every doc issue a fatwa on controlled substances would have the anti-opioid zealots dancing in the streets.

    The docs, I assume, would then sit back feeling righteously self-satisfied, saying “We sure showed THEM, and covered our butts.” They could award themselves points for each of their former patients who committed suicide.

    Doctors are not exactly financially strapped people on the whole: how ’bout they help fund people like Robert Rose Jr, & other small, struggling, broke groups of pain patients who are fighting the machine.* A campaign to fight back against the utterly false PROPaganda machine. Finally convince the useless, craven ACLU & similar “rights advocates” to crawl out from under their rocks?

    How about some doctors who get together to stand up & say, loudly and nationally, “This is wrong, this is drastically against evidence and science and ethics and it’s time for doctors to remember that they’re supposed to be healers.” THOSE would be doctors of courage.

    *yes, Steve, there really are pain patients out here who are doing more than just bitching and whining.

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