Does having access to healthcare the same as getting/having good healthcare?

Life … Liberty… pursuit of Happiness… those are pretty vague terms. Does LIFE mean life and death .. or life or death? Does LIBERTY mean that just about anything goes.. no restrictions…peddle to the metal … and again THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS… pursue whatever makes us happy?… no restrictions… no limitations… individualism to the nth […]


This came across my desk… well.. it showed up in my email INBOX… It would seem that CVS RPH’s in NJ are joining a UNION. If you can imagine this.. here is a quote from the article “Many CVS pharmacists report declining job satisfaction. Their responsibilities are increasing but they are not getting the support […]

Supreme Court declares Obamacare is nothing more than a TAX and is constitutional !

It has been 1-2 hrs since the Supreme Court declared that Obamacare is constitutional and justified their decision by labeling it a “tax” instead of the regulation of commerce. The “talking heads” on TV ….  are trying to sort out the pages and pages of the decision… The stock market  has DROPPED ~ 1.5%. From […]

When you don’t know how to fight or really who the real enemy is.. you just start swinging

Have you ever noticed that when one or more people are  in a fight.. and I am not talking about professionals fighters or even non-pros… sometimes you see this in a verbal confrontation.. One side is losing… can’t land the first solid punch or a valid verbal argument.  Often the “loser” will just start wildly […]

Threat Master

One of  my fellow bloggers Jim Plagakis  has a issue with MBA ‘s in the corporate pharmacy system. Calls them MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE.. and no doubt they  have some impact on how/why things are being done.  MBA’s are part/parcel of just about any corporate structure – both for profit and non-profits. Personally, I think […]

I am starting to hear WAR DRUMS

For  those of you who believe that everything must be PC (POLITICAL CORRECT) .. PLEASE STOP READING NOW ! When I was a kid, a long time ago – can’t hide that one with thinning gray hair – Western movies were big on the small screen. Back then it was all about Cowboys and Indians […]

Hydrocodone not to be rescheduled to C-II – RIGHT NOW at least

Per a press release from NCPA… Hydrocodone, at least for now, is not being rescheduled to become a C-II at the federal level. A few weeks ago Sen. Joe Manchin III (D-W.Va.) added such an amendment to the Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA)—the legislation that requires brand, and soon generic, manufacturers to help fund […]

When you look at the numbers

Has anyone every notice that when it comes to healthcare gross outlays.. we just tend to look at this year.. last year and state what per-cent they have went up..  Why do we not look at a longer view point to help isolate where these increases are coming from… Whose purpose does this serve? Numbers […]

A personal chronological landmark

Today I turn 65…. For most of us.. there are only a few really “Big” chronological event in our life span.. most notably turning 16 and the freedom of being able to drive… turning 18 and being able to vote , turning 21 with the liberty to legally drink alcohol and turning 35 which allows one […]

Why don’t we really care?

Yesterday, I was called in to temp at a big box store. About one-half hour before closing, a 30 something male shows up with two Rxs .. one for Xanax #90 1mg tid and # 120 HDC/APAP 10/500 QID… Since I had only been at this particular store for a total of three days over […]