This came across my desk… well.. it showed up in my email INBOX… It would seem that CVS RPH’s in NJ are joining a UNION.

If you can imagine this.. here is a quote from the article

“Many CVS pharmacists report declining job satisfaction. Their responsibilities are increasing but they are not getting the support they need to be able to fulfill them. They have more paperwork to fill out and new tasks, like calling patients one by one. At the same time, they have to meet sales and revenue goals. They are feeling stretched thin and stressed to the point where it can compromise their accuracy. They also feel treated more as assembly line workers than public health professionals.”

I recently spoke with a PIC at a large grocery store chain – based out of Cinci, OH – and a edict came down from above that ALL EMPLOYEES were to take their rest/meal breaks… MANDATORY …. BECAUSE.. it made them more productive… EXCEPT for the Pharmacists… they were not required to take rest/meal breaks… in fact.. they were DISCOURAGED from taking them.

Could one conclude that higher productivity from the typical human.. could be derived from making FEWER MISTAKES… due to fatigue ?

It will be interesting how many RPH’s join or don’t join this union… IMO .. the bottom line is.. if you don’t join.. don’t bitch that things keep getting worse ! If you are not working on being part of the solution… you must be part of the problem.

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