Supreme Court declares Obamacare is nothing more than a TAX and is constitutional !

It has been 1-2 hrs since the Supreme Court declared that Obamacare is constitutional and justified their decision by labeling it a “tax” instead of the regulation of commerce.

The “talking heads” on TV ….  are trying to sort out the pages and pages of the decision… The stock market  has DROPPED ~ 1.5%. From what “they” are saying… some of those on Medicaid is some states – who refuse to expand the Medicaid program/eligibility  – which appears to be legal  – may find themselves “out in the cold”.. in regards to getting medical care…only those in the lower middle class may have some benefit from this program.

All the “talking heads” seem to have been caught off guard by this decision.. it seems like there was a collective WTF  when the ruling came out.

Of course, the real “guts” of this program was not scheduled to go into place until 2014…. but now that it is labeled as a TAX… and with a large number of the “Bush tax cuts” are to sunset at the end of this year (2012)… meaning that collectively/individually we could see substantial tax increases in 2013 and now more new taxes in 2014 to support this new program.

IMO… this is a classic CATCH-22.. if Congress – somehow – gets this repealed before the election… some politicians are going to get voted out because they got the plan repealed and then there are going to be those who get voted out because they DIDN’T get it repealed.

Unfortunately, all the reinstatement of the “Bush tax cuts” in 2013 and this new tax in 2014 .. are all long after this fall’s election.

How many more “middlemen” are going to start coming out of the woodwork… trying to get their piece of this new tax.. under the disguise of saving the healthcare system money by some “smoke & mirrors” concept that they can provide.

One also needs to ask, if this is allowed to proceed… all of these new taxes coming out of our economy.. is going to do what to unemployment and inflation?

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