When you don’t know how to fight or really who the real enemy is.. you just start swinging

Have you ever noticed that when one or more people are  in a fight.. and I am not talking about professionals fighters or even non-pros… sometimes you see this in a verbal confrontation..

One side is losing… can’t land the first solid punch or a valid verbal argument.  Often the “loser” will just start wildly swinging or verbal assaults go “off the chart”

It would appear that those involved in  fighting the war on drugs .. seem to be reaching that point of   “swinging wildly”

It was announced this week that the West Virginia’s Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against 14 drug wholesalers for selling controlled substances to DEA licensed entities.

Recently the DEA … suspended the  DEA  license of a Cardinal distribution center in central Florida for selling “too many” controlled substances to a couple of CVS stores. And what did that accomplish… Cardinal started supplying all the same stores out of another one of their distribution centers… BFD !

I guess that it is easier to go have those who are not armed to the hilt – like those members of the Mexican cartel – and don’t shoot at law enforcement and most conveniently maintains a “paper trail” of where they sold the drugs…  I bet these same people could consider shooting fish in a barrel ” a sport”

What is next… the “food police” is going after grocery stores and grocery wholesalers for selling products that they believe that makes us fat/obese?

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