To Pee or Not to Pee … that is the question

How many times has someone heard a Pharmacist complained about no breaks.. even being discouraged from taking bathroom breaks. Some companies dictate no chairs, food, drinks in the Rx area… even when the Pharmacist is expected to work 12-14 hrs. Although, technicians are provided rest breaks and meal breaks without question. In fact many rest […]

Death by misadventure

Death by misadventure: Amy Winehouse died from alcohol, not drug, overdose Can one imagine that if Amy Winehouse had died of a drug overdose.. there would have been more cries to pour more money into the “money pit” called the WAR ON DRUGS…. because of her ACCIDENTAL OVERDOSE… where the over consumption of alcohol […]

Walgreens sued for firing diabetic clerk who snacked on job

So you think that your loyalty to your corporate employer will be rewarded? Apparently an employee’s health condition is always to take second place to the company’s policy & procedures. Of course, earlier this year Walgreens fired a Pharmacist for fending off a armed robber,0,3266165.story But don’t look at the above link…because it […]

State of Missouri Board of Pharmacy investigated only 74 mis-fills last year

According to information released in a lawsuit against Walgreens in the St Louis area. The Missouri State Board of Pharmacy only had 74 investigation regarding mis-filled prescriptions in 2010. With a estimated 100,000 deaths from medical mistakes and another 1.5 million people harmed by medication errors. Missouri has a population of 6 million or about […]

Why PSE diversion can’t be controlled

THE REDHEADED PHARMACIST recently expressed concerns over the sales and diversion of PSE. A couple of years ago the Meth-check system was implemented in the greater Louisville KY area. After a year in place the number of the meth lab busts outside of the metro area was up 75%.. the number of lab busts […]

Here is one patient that Walgreen’s hasn’t been able to buy their silence – YET !

Apparently this medication error and the patient cannot be silenced with a check or gift cards. Of course when this is settled, the settlement will be confidential and sealed. If you are a Pharmacist, you do realize that by mis-filling a prescription you probably broke company policy.. breaking your practice act. They are asking […]

The war on drugs is like a blind mouse trying to find a piece of cheese

The Feds and other bureaucrats keep going back doing the same thing concerning substance abuse. No matter what substance they are trying to “control” they are using identification that can and is forged… driver’s license and/or SSN. In the State of KY, Pharmacist are required to get a SSN or driver’s license number.. which is […]

When someone else tells you what path to take

Doing what you are told by non-pharmacist managers, when you are uncomfortable or know it is wrong… can lead down a dangerous path. They have no license and nothing to lose. Open to see image