To Pee or Not to Pee … that is the question

How many times has someone heard a Pharmacist complained about no breaks.. even being discouraged from taking bathroom breaks. Some companies dictate no chairs, food, drinks in the Rx area… even when the Pharmacist is expected to work 12-14 hrs. Although, technicians are provided rest breaks and meal breaks without question. In fact many rest breaks are “on the clock”. Somewhere along the way, we are presumed to have gained super-human capabilities and capacities along with our education and license.
It would seem that there is an unwritten rule that because we are professionals and salaried we deserve less human rights than those who work with us that are paid hourly.

Fortunately, the Federal government under OSHA demands that all employees be treated equally when it comes to restroom breaks.

This memorandum explains OSHA’s interpretation that this standard requires employers to make toilet facilities available so that employees can use them when they need to do so. The employer may not impose unreasonable restrictions on employee use of the facilities. OSHA believes this requirement is implicit in the language of the standard and has not previously seen a need to address it more explicitly.

So the next time that you believe that you have to “hold it” so that someone else will not be inconvenienced or some production metric will not be maintained or fear of management coming down on you or writing you up… I would suspect that sending a email to corporate HR will correct the situation.
Typically, HR’s function is to make sure that the corporation and its employees follow all Federal & State laws and well as the company’s own policies and procedures.
But then again… they are not going to come looking for problems… but they should not be able to ignore them once they are brought to their attention

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