Death by misadventure

Death by misadventure: Amy Winehouse died from alcohol, not drug, overdose

Can one imagine that if Amy Winehouse had died of a drug overdose.. there would have been more cries to pour more money into the “money pit” called the WAR ON DRUGS…. because of her ACCIDENTAL OVERDOSE… where the over consumption of alcohol is just a MISADVENTURE ! The experts say that she had to consume SIXTEEN shots of vodka over 6 hours to reach a blood alcohol ~ 0.35. MISADVENTURE or SUICIDE ??

The war on drugs started with the Harrison Narcotic Act 1914… SIX YEARS before alcohol prohibition… which only lasted 13 yrs.
If you pay attention to what is being reported in the media… the abuse of legal drugs is starting to fall.. and heroin abuse is starting to rise… maybe it is because heroin is less expensive than legal drugs… typically those that abuse substances will chose what is in vogue, most available or most affordable.
Anyone who looks back over the last 50-100 yrs… a particular substance will rise and fall in the number of people abusing it.

It is estimated that at any given point in time ~ 20% of our adult population is a borderline alcoholic. Alcohol sales typically are recession proof and will increase in “bad times”.
When are we, as a society, going to realize that a certain per-cent of our population is going to abuse some substance(s) and that no matter how many programs we try… things are not going to change… except the total amount of money we throw down the “money pit”.

You can go to this link for Daily News Dig, I’ve been using it for a while now and I totally recommend it!

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