ESI study calling for more auto-refills ? From the article: ESI said the country wasted $418 billion on bad medication-related decisions, including $55.8 billion spent on higher-priced medications when cheaper alternatives were available; and $269.4 billion went to expenses related to poor medication adherence. On a state-by-state level, Mississippi, the poorest state in the country, had the most wasteful spending, totaling […]

2012 – Good year to work for CVS !

That is if you are an executive… according to this website there was a whole lot of SELLING of stocks and exercising STOCK OPTIONS by insiders. and over the past 12 months.. for every ONE share that a insider bought.. they sold FOUR.. Of course, they raised their stock dividend by 38%… However, it […]

A teachable moment !

This was a comment on one of my other posting… How about this for a company telling you when you say you don’t want to be responsible especially for things that happened in the past when you were not around you get told oh you won’t be responsible  “we will” as in the the company […]

Pharmacy is only as good as its individual parts

There are thousand and thousands of  horror stories in the “pharmacy world”. There are some 200 K – 300 K of us .. with some 12 K -14 K new grads every year.. Lets face it.. most of you are passive, non-confrontational, WIMPS ! Maybe that is part of the reason the profession is in […]

Predicting the future…

A number of people attempt at predicting the future… one such was George Orwell and his novel “1984” Predicting the future is one thing… accurately predicting the timeline of what happens in the future is a whole another matter…    Can I Spy On My Employees Cell Phone What Orwell put in his novel for […]

The grand-daddy of RPH dissidents is back at his keyboard

Jim Palagkis  has successfully moved from TX to FL.. to officially enter retirement… and has -at least – partially recovered from the stress of moving… and back at his keyboard… LOOK OUT RPH CORPORATE WORLD !!!

Two more RPH’s enters the RPH blogsphere Just a month out of the gate… don’t expect another “angry pharmacist”… the RPH seems too be to “PC” to go there….but it is not called the BULLDOG RPH for nothing ! This is from a corporate exile that  is now working in the “independent world”… observation of the pharmacy world should be […]

Proof of Concept

I don’t need to tell any RPH now in practice that times they are a changing.. Our professional roots are in entrepreneur world… until some 40-50 +years ago.. if you where a RPH… it was presumed that you would eventually own your pharmacy. The “chain era” was just in its infancy… even if you were […]

When the servant turns on the master !

I once worked in the pharmacy “BC period” – before computers –  I can remember getting my hands on the first calculator… sold for $100 it was 71-72.. it only had a CLEAR KEY .. no CLEAR ENTRY KEY.. you made a mistake… you started over. Don’t even think about a printer being part of  […]

We may soon run out of “names”

This is going to be a long post.. you might want to get a snack and drink  before you start reading 🙂 My friend Jim Plagakis has labeled two of the top national chains as “BIG EVIL” and “BIG STUPID”… well it would appear that the third Musketeer has step up to the […]