A teachable moment !

This was a comment on one of my other posting…

How about this for a company telling you when you say you don’t want to be responsible especially for things that happened in the past when you were not around you get told oh you won’t be responsible  “we will” as in the the company will be responsible if something happens, “we pay the fines” you won’t have to worry about those things.

I have posted this suggestion before.. and I believe that it is worth repeating.

IMO.. this is a good time for an employee to send a email to the “shirt” that tries to get you to believe such BS !

The email doesn’t need to be threatening or blaming.. just trying to clarify what was said..

In this particular interaction.. the email would go something like this..

During our conversation the other day… when I had a concern about  ……….. and me being personally responsible if something “goes wrong”….  and you stated that the company would be totally responsible for any such problems and would pay any fines and that I need not worry about these things…

Thanks for your time, in clarifying this situation, but to make sure that my understanding of our conversation was correct, I wish to confirm it in writing.. Unless I hear from you to the contrary in the next 7 days, I will  presume that my basic understanding.. as I outlined here – of our conversation is correct.

Send the email… read requested .. and high priority… BCC yourself, printout a copy to take home.. however you wish to keep a copy outside of the corporation’s property.

This person, may or may not acknowledge opening the email… if it is not returned.. it is pretty certain that someone read it..

If your worse fears comes true and your concerns turn into a reality… if the company does what this person says it would do.. then there is no worries…. however

If the words out of the “mouth piece”  for  the corporation is…  this person was in violation of  our company’s policies and procedures and we take no responsibility for their actions…

If you have not sent a email when you first had that conversation.. who are you going to prove what you were told.. remember.. the “shirt’s” allegiance is not to you…but to his/her job and the company..

How many times have you hear a “shirt” say,.. that is not what I said… that is not what I heard… I don’t remember that being said… that is not what I understood was said/meant.. Often, company execs have trouble with their memory… regarding to what they heard, said, saw .. in the past.. when it comes down to something coming down around them or the corporation.

Just imagine a very bad/worse outcome for a pt… from what you have been told.. you would not be held responsible for.. the BOP of may not agree with what you have been told.. and they revoke your license… Do you think that the corporation is going to pay you your salary until you reach retirement age? After all the “shirt” told you.. that they would take the responsibility.. and when it call comes down on your shoulder.. the “shirt” can remember the conversation.. or the “shirt” is no longer working for the company.. and can’t be found.. will the “shirt” remember what was promised..

You still may have to deal with the corporation claiming that the “shirt” did not have the authority to make such a promise.. Without your email.. clarifying the conversation.. you have NOTHING…

Don’t let verbal promises go back without a written attempt to document what was said…


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  1. How about two witnesses that were present during said conversation that took place.

    • If you sure that those two will come forward when needed…they can still be found…the company has not threatened their job… if they tell the truth..
      It is best to document things and CYA yourself in a manner in which you have TOTAL CONTROL.. if those two, that were witnesses, are available and tell the truth when needed … all the better.. This is just one incident, you need to get into the habit of documenting with follow up emails any/all one-to-one conversations.. that involves issues that you have concerns about..

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