Pharmacy is only as good as its individual parts

There are thousand and thousands of  horror stories in the “pharmacy world”. There are some 200 K – 300 K of us .. with some 12 K -14 K new grads every year..

Lets face it.. most of you are passive, non-confrontational, WIMPS ! Maybe that is part of the reason the profession is in the position that it is today… going down the crapper..

Back in the late 70’s there was a short lived TV series called Logan’s Run where when you turned 30 y/o you were to report to “Carousel”… your basic ” friendly community gas chamber”.. this plot had to be thought up by some young baby boomer … you know … “never trust anyone over 35 “…

Has pharmacy reached its own “Logan’s Run” of sorts… except right now .. the trigger seems to be >50 y/o and/or 10 yrs of service with the company… are we seeing pharmacy’s version of “Carousel”.. not physically kills… just emotionally/financially “killed”

It is like a stampede getting into or out of some building/arena… We have schools piling on… we have 8 or so applicants for every pharmacy school slot and now we have dozens of applicants for every job opening.  It is your basic human narcissistic/greed compulsion to “get what is mine”

I have some pharmacist send me emails… “if only I could tell my story or a particular horror story”.. I have even had other pharmacist bloggers – because of being a Senior Pharmacist that is still employed.. is afraid to write about a horror story… even in the most vague terms.. so as not to be identified.

If you have a story… I welcome guest commentary or post… I will even post them anonymously … after a few “cuts/pastes”… there will be no trail of where/who it came from. Trust me, if you are seeing the problem.. there are hundreds or thousand other RPH’s across the country seeing the problem.. there are only so many software vendors out there and since we are all moving over to some sort of electronic records… they – the software vendor – is the typically the crux of many of  the problems, mix that with the self inflicted problems created by management and all their idiotic metrics.. and you have the perfect storm… for some pt to get harmed/killed….but then is is just YOUR LICENSE.. that will get revoked… your employer MAY get a fine from some bureaucratic entity.

Of course, I reserve the right to post or not to post and complete editorial control…  I will always exclude names, vendors and specific locations.. to protect the innocent from the guilty…

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  1. How about this for a company telling you when you say you don’t want to be responsible especially for things that happened in the past when you were not around you get told oh you won’t be responsible “we will” as in the the company will be responsible if something happens, “we pay the fines” you won’t have to worry about those things.

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