Predicting the future…

A number of people attempt at predicting the future… one such was George Orwell and his novel “1984”

Predicting the future is one thing… accurately predicting the timeline of what happens in the future is a whole another matter…    Can I Spy On My Employees Cell Phone

What Orwell put in his novel for 1984 .. of  “Big Bother”… appears to have been correct.. although a few decades later that Orwell predicted..

From the  Article:

mobile phone spying software that boasts advanced features allowing users full access to the information stored on and all the activities performed on a target cellular phone. With the effects of the recent economic downturn and the scarcity of jobs nowadays, office employees have to be particularly careful that they can still bring home a paycheck by being honest and efficient at work, which means taking their employment very seriously.

Of course, state laws guide the legalities of such activities by the employer… first of all is who “owns” the cell phone.. if it is a company owned phone… depending on the state… all bets may be off..

If you are using your own personal cell phone on the job and your employer has a open WiFi .. you might want to think twice before using your personal phone or tablet on that  network.. by the fact of using the employer’s WiFi… you may be granting your employer access to your electronic toy .. not only while you are on the clock, but  even perhaps allowing them to download some sort of  24/7 monitoring software on your equipment. To be used at their  discretion to monitor what you are doing and where you are going … on your own time.

You might even want to consider turning off the WiFi function on your personal electronics before you leave your car in the parking lot and enter the store.



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  1. I am not surprised one bit. Another reason not to use your cellphone at work!

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