More funding for addicts “frequent flyer” program ?

New deal brings more NARCAN funding to Mass. BOSTON (NEWS10) – Attorney General Maura Healey has announced a deal that will bring more funding for NARCAN to the Commonwealth. Healey’s office said they reached a deal with a national pharmaceutical manufacturer that will require the company to pay $325,000 to help offset the costs of […]

Ken Mc Kim explaining Myelomalacia

Feel This Pain: MyelomalaciaMyelomalacia is term referring to the softening of the spinal cord. It’s no laughing matter.I would be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to thank everyone at the Myelomalacia support group on Facebook who were kind enough to allow me into their group, and who were very open with me, answering […]

Reducing pain during vaccination ??? Just suck it up !!!

Reducing pain during vaccination: New guideline to help manage pain in children and adults A new Canadian guideline aims to ensure that pain during vaccination is minimized in both children and adults. The guideline, published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal), is targeted at all health care providers who administer vaccines. “Pain from vaccinations is […]

Patient records are far more valuable than credit card information for people who plan to commit fraud,

Cyberattacks on health systems on the rise NEW YORK — As many as eight-in-10 health care executives say that their organizations have been compromised by at least one malware, botnet or other cyber-attack during the past two years, and only half feel that they are adequately prepared in preventing attacks, according to the 2015 […]

Cowboy Doctors” and Health Costs

Cowboy Doctors” and Health Costs Who’s driving up U.S. healthcare costs? A recent study by Harvard professors and colleagues revealed that the culprits may be “cowboy doctors”—physicians who provide intensive, unnecessary, and often ineffective patient care, resulting in wasteful spending costing as much as 2 percent of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product—hundreds of billions […]

Requirements of PIC in Mississippi

An inventory which shall include such drugs, chemicals, and preparations as may be necessary to fill ordinary prescriptions as indicated by experience in the area where the pharmacy is located; Other states most likely have similar requirements of the Pharmacist in Charge. ceasing to stock certain medications – or claiming not to have them in […]

Medical errors are up at VA hospitals, but they’re actually doing less to figure out why

Medical errors are up at VA hospitals, but they’re actually doing less to figure out why Hospitals across the country are under growing pressure to reduce preventable medical mistakes, the errors that can cause real harm and even death to patients. But the Department of Veterans Affairs, which runs a massive system of hospitals and […]

Should ESI’s fall under the situations of Medicare/Medicaid fraud – no medical necessity ?

Dallas Medicare Fraud Strike Force Takes on Rampant Healthcare Hustles Should medically unnecessary ESI’s fall under this issue of Medicare/Medicaid fraud? A podiatrist accompanied by nail salon workers offers free pedicures to seniors.  Sounds like a great deal, right?  But the foot doctor winds up billing Medicare for phantom foot surgeries. An equipment supplier […]

Cops thinks all people taking opiates are addicts/diverters ?

Drug theft reports now get extra scrutiny BUTLER COUNTY — Cleta Leugers was surprised when she called New Miami Police earlier this month to report that her anxiety medication had been stolen and was told the department no longer took drug theft reports. “They told me they didn’t take reports because there was so […]

After two months, of not arresting drug abuser, the early results are in, and they look promising. Very promising.

A town in Massachusetts decided to stop arresting drug users. 2 months later, here’s how it’s going. Back in June 2015, Gloucester, Massachusetts, police chief Leonard Campanello announced that his officers would no longer arrest drug users who approached them seeking help. Photo by nathanmac87/Flickr. Instead, the department announced they would refer the drug […]