2012 – Good year to work for CVS !

That is if you are an executive… according to this website http://www.insider-monitor.com/trading/cik64803.html.. there was a whole lot of SELLING of stocks and exercising STOCK OPTIONS by insiders.

and over the past 12 months.. for every ONE share that a insider bought.. they sold FOUR.. Of course, they raised their stock dividend by 38%…

However, it has been reported that store level raises were just granted and some PHARMACIST got raises of  LESS THAN ONE PERCENT  and the highest raise was a whopping TWO PERCENT.

It would appear that it is better to be in the executive office and own the stock.. than being on the front line.. helping the company make all that money.. I am sure that those in the executive suite and those who own the stock.. are quite grateful… for all your dedication to the company and giving superior service to their customers/pts…

I suspect that all the employees feels the company’s on going appreciation and will continue to perform at such high service levels and dedication…

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  2. The really funny thing here is that the staff RPHs in the Harrisburg Pa area haven’t even had their evaluation yet….normally it’s the evaluation then the raise if you even get one. I’d like to thank Lisa at my old location for making others aware of what the percentage was given to all but one.

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