ESI study calling for more auto-refills ?

From the article:

ESI said the country wasted $418 billion on bad medication-related decisions, including $55.8 billion spent on higher-priced medications when cheaper alternatives were available; and $269.4 billion went to expenses related to poor medication adherence.

On a state-by-state level, Mississippi, the poorest state in the country, had the most wasteful spending, totaling $1,622.76 per resident.

Is this a result of higher auto-refills from mail order  and not having a RPH having a direct relationship with pts?

Why would “very poor” pts ..continue to fill/refill Rxs.. when they are not taking them?  Unless they have changed, MS use  to have monthly Rxs/month limits and most states have a copay..

It has been reported time and again from NCPA, that mail order pharmacies have lower generic utilization rates..

IMO.. it would seem like ESI.. is taking data points from studies that would point out the “bad points” of PBM/mail order and claiming that we have a problem..

Is this like a arsonist pointing out that someone is starting a large number of fires and offering to help put the fires out !



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