When the servant turns on the master !

I once worked in the pharmacy “BC period” – before computers –  I can remember getting my hands on the first calculator… sold for $100 it was 71-72.. it only had a CLEAR KEY .. no CLEAR ENTRY KEY.. you made a mistake… you started over. Don’t even think about a printer being part of  the first calculator… no Memory function either.

I bought by first computer – Radio Shack Model I – in late 1977 and computerize my store with it in late 1978… pharmacy computer systems were so simple, basically making pricing and spitting out labels .. especially on refills… it was a good time in pharmacy… got rid of the Bates numbering machine, not calculating prices every time you filled a Rx.

This was a good servant.. at least at the time… but this modest servant has continue to grow and become more powerful and data storage has gotten so cheap that it able to crunch “tons of data” for the master of the computer.

I know the very mention of “metrics” to the average corporate RPH, brings on a involuntary cringe. These same computer/servants have also brought us the internet.. that has allow most of us to have “tons of information” at our fingertips.

IMO.. we are going to see at least 2000 new grads coming out of school very soon and there are no openings for them, but we are already starting to see all too many 50+ y/o Senior RPH’s with 10 + yrs of service to the company.. being “shown the door” for nebulous reasons.. The employer is claiming – our state is a any willing employment state .. so we don’t really need much of a reason to let you go.. except there is a FEDERAL LAW about age discrimination… when it comes to jobs.

IMO.. what these corporate employers will expect that these Senior RPH’s will just take that “any willing employment state”  crap .. and whimper away… with their tail tucked.

Back to the servant/computer…  these discharged RPH’s are going to their home computer and start some web searches… they are finding The Pharmacy Alliance (www.thepharmacyalliance.com) and/or some of the other RPH blog sites. Most of the major/active Pharmacist bloggers have cross links to the other Pharmacists blogs..

It only takes – at best – a day or two of research to understand that they are not alone with this issue… they find names of law firms like http://bernabeipllc.com/ that has been working on a contingency basis for the past two years on a whistler blower lawsuit against CVS… right now.. trial date appears to be mid-Aug.  There are a number of other law firms across the country that are networking with this law firm.. results in no matter what state a RPH is in.. there is a law firm that will step up for the RPH.. that has been wrongfully discharged .. for whatever reason.

And all of a sudden the “servant” that corporate pharmacy has been using for years .. to monitor employees and measure an increasing number of metrics… is now… being used by those very same employees to “turn the tables”.

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  1. Thanks Steve for posting this! We need to talk about this openly. I encourage the “seasoned professionals” to be vocal and reach out to each other in the workplace instead of carrying on like age and sex discrimination is not an issue. You might as well, IT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU. It is a matter of corporate policy. They will prey on the quiet, obedient servant before the vocal one….. I have experience in this battle. It is most unpleasant, and dont forget it is illegal. There are ways to find your co workers, just look. You are not alone. You can find free legal assistance, too. Stop crouching, stand up for your rights.

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