Here is one patient that Walgreen’s hasn’t been able to buy their silence – YET !

Apparently this medication error and the patient cannot be silenced with a check or gift cards. Of course when this is settled, the settlement will be confidential and sealed.

If you are a Pharmacist, you do realize that by mis-filling a prescription you probably broke company policy.. breaking your practice act. They are asking for $800,000… how much is the limit of your professional liability insurance.. You do have professional liability insurance? Since you broke company policy.. they could dis-a-vowel any responsibility or liability.

When is the last time that you expressed your concerns in writing/email about work environment/staffing levels that could cause a increased in errors? You have heard the statement “.. if it isn’t documented …it didn’t happen..” What do you think the company is going to say, if all your concerns are expressed verbally? If they have to tell the truth and part with money or develop amensia to shift the cost of the settlement to the Pharmacist. Take a guess !

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