40,000 suicides a year and no epidemic here .. only some lives really matter

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I have a large LCD TV sitting on my desk my laptop and last night as the NBC national news went off, I had not had taken the time to look at the TIVO guide as to what is coming on at 7 PM.  Saturday night at 7 PM is not normally have much of anything worth watching. Up pops a  ONE HOUR special by one of the local anchors about SUICIDE AWARENESS. The above two clips are from the special.. I have been in contact with the reporter trying to get to be able to embed the entire hour on my blog.  112 suicides A DAY… 22 of those being veterans… and we are spending 51 billion on trying to keep 43 OD deaths and we don’t really don’t know how many of those are actual suicides using medications , alcohol and/or other substances. Here is another report from the same stationwave3.com-Louisville News, Weather



where parent basically caught a community back lash because they started to publicly speak about their teenage daughter committing suicide.

I have exchanged a couple of emails from the reporter from this station and according to her.. it was a “FIGHT” to get the station manager to allow this one hour special to happen, but I sense … she is not done with this issue and from her emails.. she is aware of the issue of mental  health, substance abuse and chronic pain issues that our country has and refuses to deal with..

Those we chronic pain are twice as likely to commit suicide.. everyone needs to become more seriously about admitting when relatives commits suicide.. what if it came to light that > 50% of the deaths that the DEA/CDC counts as OD’s was actually suicides because the pt was denied adequate pain management because of the DEA activity and/or the CDC’s protocols or guidelines on pain management.

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  1. Yes families need to step forward and be honest about the real cause of the death of their loved one. There is no shame if they took their life because they were not getting adequate pain treatment or they were not being treated properly for their post traumatic stress disorder. I’ve already made up my mind that is my RSD spreads to the point where it is unbearable and nothing is helping and the doctors continue to ignore me and treat me as if I’m a drug addict I will definitely commit suicide on the doorstep of my closest DEA office. I will have my suicide note safety pin to my clothing and I will have already sent emails of my suicide note to every local newspaper in every local television station. If I’m ever at that point where I make that choice I promise my death will not be in vain.

    • No don’t change a thing. I love being treated like crap by my pain management doctor only to turn around and go to a pharmacist that doesn’t view me as a drug addict but views me a couple pics below a drug addict. It’s been the time of my life! More fun than I can handle.

  2. It’s about time someone wakes I put to what the DEA and the politicians are putting pain patients through! Here. In Florida we are treated like drug addicts on a daily basis with no end in sight!

  3. The second worst thing about this, because people committing suicide due to chronic pain or a mental illness is the worst, is that a suicide being labeled as an accidental OD hurts all of us. But by being labeled as an accidental OD, the families are still entitled to life insurance payouts. If they were labeled a suicide, the families would end up with nothing.
    Yes I have had days when the thought of taking my own life has entered my mind, the days when the pain is so unbearable that my medication won’t even take the edge off. Then I remember my family and friends and realize that there is a reason for living even if I’m suffering. What the bureaucrats and general public don’t realize is that chronic pain sufferers pain is blinding. The pain can get so bad at times that coherent thoughts are impossible. The only thought is the pain and how to stop it, and for too large of a number it ends up being suicide. As a matter of fact, if a person suffering pain like this were in a court of law for committing murder, they would be found as being temporally insane. So maybe the CDC, FDA and the DEA should start looking more in to the psychological effects of chronic pain instead of labeling sufferers as addicts.

  4. Amen!! I don’t get why there’s no understanding… Ugh….

  5. Steve I really understand this. I have known a few people who committed suicide due to lack of proper treatment. It hurts to see tgem suffer. But im afraid im pretty close to doing it myself. I just pray the next government will be better educated and help the people anf just not themselves. I have chronic pain and no insurance. Its hard to spend every cent I make to try and get some peace from pain! The judgments are getting old about opioids. People need proper education about them, not the scare tactics that gets spread!

    • There are a number of government agencies that may take up your issues with the various Fed/state laws that are being violated suggest you read this https://www.pharmaciststeve.com/?p=6142 most complaints can be filled out on line… or at worse will cost you the cost of a certified letter …abt $5.. There may be some legal aid societies that may assist you as well.

    • Instead of seeking relief from the constant pain, try seeking pleasure to distract yourself from it. I know it’s hard to feel pleasure when it seems like the pain is all that exists, but remember, there is a fine line between pleasure and pain. All you need to do is find a way across that line to find those precious moments of pleasure. And if you can find enough pleasurable moments every day, you can make it to the next day.

      Pain patients often feel guilty for feeling any kind of pleasure, like it means their pain isn’t real. We’ve been called fakers for so long that shame is our constant companion. We should all let go of the shame and find pleasure whenever we can.

      Instead of asking, “What will relieve my pain,” ask yourself: “Where can I find some pleasure?” 🙂

      • Do you really think that I don’t try to find distractions that are pleasurable and focus on good things like my 12 year old son who means the world to me? Do you think I purposely focus on the pain? There is no polite way to say this but you must have a couple of screws loose and obviously you do not experience severe debilitating chronic pain because if you did you would never make a remark like the one you posted. The best analogy I can give you is being held as a p.o.w by an enemy force. After they beat you and beat you and beat you you just pray that they kill you so that the suffering will finally end. Put that in your pipe and smoke it like my grandma used to say.

        • And whenever I’m able to find pleasure you can rest assured I do not feel guilty about it. I am elated because the occasion is so rare.

          • Good for you, but I don’t think your pleasurable distraction therapy is working, considering the anger you display. You might want to try a little masturbation.

        • Currently doctors are afraid to write the dosage that would really help the patient because they are afraid of the DEA and how the DEA can destroy their careers their reputation and possibly take away their freedom and most certainly take away their assets under civil forfeiture laws and they do this even if the person is found not guilty. Law enforcement still keeps the goodies.

        • I wasn’t talking to you, I was talking to the pain patient who has no insurance and can’t afford to treat his pain (and is contemplating suicide). I guess it’s not surprising that patients with access to doctors and prescription medications can’t really understand what I’m talking about. Privilege is often blind — put that fact in your pipe and smoke it.

          I’m curious, what benefit do you get out of calling me crazy and questioning my pain? Or how I choose to manage it? I don’t know why some pain patients feel compelled to pick on other pain patients, but I’m downright tired of it.

          Do you wanna have a contest to see who’s suffered the longest? Who’s done the most research? Who has the most experience? I’ve logged 30 years as an intractable pain patient, how about you?

          As a pain patient, you have a right to be angry. But as a human being, you don’t have the right to treat other people like shit.

  6. It’s about time people can see the real numbers and maybe take some action on the mental health issues that are a plague on our country today .

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