Will the NH BOP fail to act on this issue?

Here is an article of a complaint issued to the NH Board of Pharmacy.. Where it is alleged that a Planned Parenthood is “dispensing” legend drugs without a Pharmacist involved.

Will the BOP “wimp out” and claim that the Planned Parenthood agency does not have any license from the BOP and thus the BOP has no authority?

As I understand the law….legally this is correct and the BOP should work in concert with the state’s Attorney General…  Depending on the AG’s personal view – being pro-life or pro-abortion – may determine if this Planned Parenthood is allowed to continue to “practice pharmacy without a license”

The question…has to be asked… did any RPH in the state of NH not know this is going on… if so.. why did no RPH’s file a complaint with the NH BOP?

The Pharmacy Alliance is following this case to its conclusion… if there is a conclusion… or it just allowed to fade as time moves forward ….

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