What do you do when increases on drug expenditures are at a 18 yr low?

If you are EXPRESS SCRIPS (ESI)… you come with a new program to encourage people to take/buy more medication under a the disguise INCREASING COMPLIANCE.. According to article in DRUG TOPICS…

ESI is going to ….collect information about patients, their physicians, medical conditions, and prescribed therapies to determine who will most likely be at risk

Then they are going to ….  Those patients will receive tailored interventions such as pill boxes, bottles that beep, and auto-refill programs. They are also looking at text messages..

It was just a few months ago that ESI announced

We have seen example after example of how “uncontrolled” auto refill mail order programs have failed to increase of compliance and ends up with patient with stock piles of unconsumed medication.

It was just a few months ago that ESI announced CONSUMEROLOGY …..This approach is helping millions of patients realize greater healthcare outcomes and lowering cost by assisting in influencing their behavior.

Why does it seem that healthcare costs seem to accelerate more rapidly as more middlemen and for-profit entities get involved in providing/managing our healthcare?



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