Could this be their game plan.. learning from their previous mistakes

There are a lot of comparisons between alcohol prohibition by the 18th Amendment back in 1920. It created a “black market” for alcohol.. just like the Harrison Narcotic Act 1914 created a “black market” for certain opiates (Heroin & Cocaine ) and Marijuana. The 18th Amendment created the likes of Al Capone and “gangster” that “managed” the black market and the distribution of the illegal alcohol. There was untold number of “bootleggers” that created “moonshine”.  Elliott Ness and the “G-men” from the FBI was in charge of enforcing the 18th Amendment. Street violence in some areas was common place, the G-men destroyed moonshine stills and confiscated and destroyed “illegal alcohol”.

Those that wanted to get alcohol made legal again, only had to focus on getting the 18th Amendment repealed, which happened in 1933 with the 21st Amendment.

Congress basically declared “war” in 1970 against the black market that they created in 1914 with The Control Substance Act… they created the BNDD ( Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs), which a few years latter was evolved into the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration).  Just like the Alcohol prohibition… we have cartels instead of gangsters and we have street violence and deaths.

It would seem that unlike alcohol prohibition the number of targets it order to get the war on drugs to come to a end is multiplying like rabbits. We now have not only the DEA, but we also  have CDC, FDA and more and more state legislatures passing laws, implementing guidelines, reinterpreting existing laws, rules and regulations. What “target” do you go after ?

The CDC is not only publishing guidelines but questioning the fact that there is no long term studies that validate the effectiveness of opiate therapy for chronic pain.  The fact that there is no long term study of efficacy does not mean that efficacy does not exist.  That is like saying that just because a person has never taken a IQ test… the person does not have any intelligence. 

This week Pres Obama at the National Prescription Drug Abuse and Heroin Summit discussed about 99% of his presentation talking about “addiction” is a mental health disease. He often mentioned that “treating” addicts would save the system money.

He also stated that a person has a issue of “acute pain”… gets a Rx… becomes DEPENDENT… and turns to Heroin …. so now there is no difference between a physical dependence which will happen to anyone taking a opiate for extended period and those who have no medical need for opiates and continue to use/abuse opiates because of their mental health disease of addictive personality disorder ?

Obama and Congress have directed the DEA to leave states alone that have legalized MMJ and the CDC has put out guidelines that prescribers not test pts for MJ anymore.

Why the push for the legalization of MJ ?… to SAVE MONEY.. since no health insurance – including Obamacare/ACA – will not pay for it… why the push that there is no validation of long term use of opiates as beneficial ?  Health insurance only pays for products/services that are MEDICALLY NECESSARY… and all EXCLUDES paying for “experimental therapy”.

So are we headed for all opiates being declared to risky for short term/acute pain management and no proven clinical studies that they are beneficial for long term use…  and that MMJ/MJ is legal, but also no clinical studies proving it is beneficial in treating a number of disease states… not covered by health insurance.

A lot of health insurance companies are pulling out of Obamacare… so if this administration could remove most of the cost of treating chronic pain out of the “cost equation” of Obamacare and shift the cost to the pt.

The DEA has already came out and stated a pt – which has insurance – and wants to pay cash for a opiate Rx – BIG RED FLAG

So does this mean.. if the opiate becomes a non-covered item… is it still a RED FLAG … if the pt is forced to pay cash because their health insurance doesn’t pay for it.

Then if the FEDS are successful in making the “no proven use” in long term chronic pain stick… could the DEA then cut the production quotas/limits that it has authority over the opiate manufacturers ?

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  1. I thought BOP in FL supposedly ‘fixed’ all those problems regarding pharmacists having ‘issues’ filling legit pain medication prescriptions, Wasn’t that the reason they had those special meetings and Matt at WESH did all that investigative reporting to bring all that to the public’s attention??? Maybe there needs to be some more follow up stories…..

  2. Unfortunately it is true & I have heard several patients that have had this happen to them also. My pharm. claimed that he did not have any & that it would cost $675 to get them! I ended up having to go to a compounding pharm. in which they now cost $231 & require 3 non control meds be filled to get them!
    I am between a rock & a hard place because I cannot find anyone else that will fill them as they are either out, uncomfortable, or charge way too much, otherwise I would file fraud charges.

  3. Who is charging $675? That’s a news story…especially on the heels of that guy who raised the price of a drug and got arrested. Big news would love it. Is it true?

  4. How about pharms. that will still accept your ins. for all non controlled meds., but not for pain meds, especially oxycodone! They are not only requiring CASH ONLY for oxycodone; but are price gouging big time!!
    On ins. 60 30mg. oxycodone costs less than $25, now they are charging $675 CASH ONLY w/ many requiring you to fill 2 or 3 non control meds. for every 1 controlled med.
    How can this be legal & why is NO ONE addressing this? So when being FORCED to pay cash, how can we NOT be red flagged?

    • If Pharmacy fills non-controls and bills insurance company.. then they have a contract with your insurance company that will state that they will fill/bill for ALL MEDICATIONS and not charge the pt more than what the insurance states is owed by the pt… contract the fraud dept of your insurance company and make complaint. If they refuse to address it… then file complaint with the State Insurance Commissioners for insurance fraud… Insurance company is accepting premiums from you to pay for covered products/services and is not enforcing their contract with those in their pharmacy network.. so they are collecting premiums and knowingly getting away with not paying for covered services.. which is most states is a form of FRAUD

      • My pharm. claimed that he was out of them but could get them from another pharm. however, the price would be $675 cash, so technically it was not him doing this. I now have to have them compounded which costs me $231 cash & requires me to have 3 non control meds filled, which he does except ins. for them. He says he has to bundle in order to be able to order enough oxycodone powder to meet his patients need.
        I have tried to find a pharm. to fill the pill form; but all the other pharms. are either out, uncomfortable, or charge way too much!
        The compound ones are supposed to be the same; but they contain ginger & naloxone. They do not work near as well as the tablet & they burn my throat & chest really bad & the tremors I suffer, have gotten worse since starting them.
        Here in Fl. many CPP’s are going through the exact same thing & fear speaking out for fear of not finding their meds. anywhere else. I would give about anything if I had been recording my experiences & excuses w/ all these pharms.
        When I go back to my doc, I am going to ask him to write the RX in pill form & try to get them filled & this time the camera will be rolling!!! Thanks so much Steve for your reply & help!!!

  5. I tweeted our president about the pain sufferers committing suicide after have pain meds denied, he or 1 of him cronies tweeted back about substance abuse clinics and programs. So yes he is lumping all uses for opiates together and we appear to be screwed. It almost seems like the government wants to drive the chronic pain community to the streets to get their relief and I believe that this will actually happen. If this is truly the case cartels will corner the market on poppy production and counterfeit opiates, law enforcement and government officials will be bribed and the 1920s will be born again. Who needs Al Qaeda and Isis to tear us apart when we have the United States government?

  6. Would love to give the people that are saying pain medication has no known proven benefits for long term cronlc pain. Personal investigative experience in the subject . Anyone know how to grow poppies ?

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