Do they think that no one is paying attention?

Here is a article from THE SPOKESMAN-REVIEW Here is quote from the article… An InvestigateWest analysis of U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration data shows Washington ranked fourth-highest nationally in per-capita prescribing of methadone in 2006 (the most recent year for which reliable data is available) and 11th for oxycodone – the two biggest killers.

The state of Washington with its workman’s comp and Medicaid program nearly mandates Methadone as the primary and only drug used for pain management. Methadone can be a good drug for pain management… if it is prescribed by a prescriber that knows what they are doing with dosing. And they wonder why they have the highest use/abuse of Methadone?

As of Jan 2012, the State of Washington has imposed on all prescribers – except pain specialists – a daily limit of prescribing 120mg of Morphine (or opiate equivalent) per person per day. I am hearing antidotial stories of patients being “discharged” by FP/GP/Interists practices.

It is this writer opinion, we will see a spike in the number of death by drug overdose (suicide)… of course the bureaucrats will count all of these as a “drug overdose ” not a suicide … there will be no connection to the Washington’s new law on opiate prescribed limit.

When this process fails… and it will… what same old program will the bureaucrats try to rework to get to their next “latest and greatest” way to fight the war on drugs?

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