Has CVS suddendly got morals?

Here is a article about how CVS has basically declared certain doctors in Florida “unfit” to write prescriptions for C-II’s. According to the article… a unknown number of prescribers received a letter from CVS stating that CVS would no longer fill their prescriptions. Of course, CVS is not releasing the names of the prescribers receiving the letter and what criteria they used to come to this list. As well, reportedly the letter these doctor received was UNSIGNED by anyone at CVS.
According to the article, one prescriber is suing CVS for defamation.
Here is a interesting potential twist, within the healthcare community there is often a debate over the right of a Pharmacist to be able to refuse to fill BC’s, sell Plan B and other such products over the objections of their employer.
Could these laws permit a Pharmacist who believes that CVS’s decision is putting chronic pain patients are being denied appropriate therapy and continues to fill CII’s for certain patients from certain doctors?
Keep in mind… there is hardly a week goes by that we don’t see CVS settling and paying another fine for some wrong-doing, while admitting to no wrong doing.

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