Veterans Still In Dark On Communist Style Patient Flagging System

A new VA OIG report into Disruptive Behavior Committees and Patient Record Flags shows VA still keeps veterans in the dark about this communist system.

I have covered the communist Disruptive Behavior Committee scheme the agency uses to label veterans without first informing the veteran of their rights and withholding information about the nature of the allegations leveled against the veteran.

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To me, this system is straight out of a totalitarian regime and spearheaded by VA out of the Portland VA Medical Center of all places.

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This IG report gives us the basic state of the scheme now and provides recommendations. I am really curious to learn from you what you have experienced. I know of a few of you recently received threats from agency police for your First Amendment activities. I look forward to hearing more specifics.

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I would write more on this but I’m getting ready for a hearing.

VA OIG Disruptive Behavior Committees, Patient Flags, and More

Here is the excerpt from the IG report executive summary:

The OIG completed an assessment of how Veterans Health Administration (VHA) facilities manage disruptive and violent behavior. The evaluation determined whether facilities complied with selected VHA requirements. The OIG conducted this review at 29 VHA medical facilities during Combined Assessment Program reviews performed across the country from October 1, 2016, through March 31, 2017. The OIG noted high compliance in multiple areas, including that all facilities had implemented policies addressing prevention and management of disruptive/violent behavior and had conducted annual Workplace Behavioral Risk Assessments. However, facility directors needed to address employee-generated violence by establishing required Employee Threat Assessment Teams. In addition, while facilities had established Disruptive Behavior Committees/Boards, facility directors needed to ensure attendance at meetings by all required members.

Patient Record Flags (PRF) in patients’ electronic health records identify to clinicians patients who have exhibited disruptive/violent behavior. While most clinicians appropriately documented new flags, the OIG found noncompliance with a requirement to inform patients about the PRFs. The OIG stressed the importance of informing patients for whom Orders of Behavioral Restriction (a type of therapeutic limit-setting sometimes required to manage care for patients whose behavior is disruptive) were issued and notifying them of their right to request to amend or appeal the Orders of Behavioral Restriction. Facilities had implemented training plans that used the official Prevention and Management of Disruptive Behavior curriculum. However, facilities needed to better provide Level I Prevention and Management of Disruptive Behavior training to newly hired employees, with additional levels as indicated by the risk of the area assigned. The OIG made four recommendations.



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  1. I wish our military could refuse to be deployed until the VA holds up their obligation to care for and treat our soldiers with dignity and respect. That would kneecap all these communist tactics.

  2. Wow I had no idea it goes this far!!

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