Smartphones are not only addictive themselves; but exacerbate the problems of other substance/process addictions

Most people trying to “financially get by” on Medicare disability run out of “money” before they reach the end of the month.

Bureaucrats want every worker to get $15/hr that is abt $30,000/yr and they are typically at that level below the poverty level.

yet most people on Medicare disability are LUCKY if their Medicare check adds up to $10,000/yr.

At Stanford University, Lembke runs a dual diagnosis clinic; which supports people with more than one addiction. These are typically patients who are depressed or anxious and also addicted to substances (drugs, alcohol) or processes (gambling, sex).[2] Their main treatment involves a four-week abstinence from the addictive behavior, which she has shown is the minimum amount of time to reset their brain pathways.[2]

Lembke was one of the first physicians to speak openly about the opioid epidemic.[3][4] She wrote the popular science book, Drug Dealer, MD, which resulted in Lembke travelling the United States and delivering expert testimony to legislators.[5] She delivered a TED talk on the opioid epidemic and pain management at TEDx Stanford.[6]

Alongside drugs and alcohol, Lembke has studied smartphone and technology addiction.[2] Smartphones are not only addictive themselves; but exacerbate the problems of other substance/process addictions, increasing access and social contagion.[2] Lembke appeared on the Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma, explaining that “social media is a drug”, which exploits the brain’s evolutionary need for interpersonal connection.[7] Not only did Lembke appear on the show, but her children did too, and together they identified that most people significantly underestimate their screen time.[8]

according to this   she is a member of P.R.O.P. (Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing ) does her educational background, specialty and membership in this one particular group seems to validate the old saying “… when you think that you are a hammer…everything starts looking like a NAIL..”


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  1. Needless to say there is a a definite point at which a person will decline to fake their illness, we are not faking…

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