Walmart Pharmacist: faxed note “unable to fill here – send to other pharmacy”

I received this note from a pain clinic and according to them this pt had been on this C-II medication for YEARS.

No “clinical reason” for denial of care just “send to other pharmacy”

I don’t know for sure, but typically chronic pain pts typically take a “boat load” of medications. So if this Walmart Pharmacy is filling all the pt’s non-controlled meds and just rejecting their controlled meds… would seem pretty straight forward that this disabled person is being discriminated against.

Could this be a corporate reaction as a result to this recent lawsuit between Walmart and the DEA ?

Walmart sues government in pre-emptive move ahead of expected opioid lawsuit

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  1. I am a pain management business owner and I am finding it very difficult to deal with Walmart, Walgreens and other chain pharmacies. I always fax what is needed per their “must meet guidelines” policy. I find it ridiculous that these pharmacists are acting like a physician. Pain management is not a walk in clinic. Every patient must have a referral, last 3 office visit notes treating their pain, all radiology reports in last 5 years, 90 pharmacy report, checked and verified on crisp, all
    radiology reports verified, all UDS results included in necessary documents from previous physician. Once verified and everything is approved then we schedule their visit. Then patient is seen and medication is prescribed. Patient picks a pharmacy and it is hell with these pharmacists who judge and play physician. Why hire a pain management specialist? Why not just have the pharmacies write medication for our patients?

  2. Just more of the same B.S. Playing games with patients who need medication the most. I often wondered why this question “discrimination” hasnt been brought up and even have cases filed to bring these “Big Shots” to court!! We have been discriminated since this game of “opioid crisis” started 8-10 yrs ago? It seems no law firms want to get involved with CPPs. If only one firm did and won,the rest would be begging to represent us…

  3. WHAT the hell is the plan for….the ever growing .disabled American patients that reportedly number in the 10’s of millions, assisted DEATH or simply lifelong, total physical and mental health decay? Lifelong suffering? No “opioids” which our surgeons KNOW are STILL the most effective way to treat pain both acutely and for “chronic” pain! Pain generating disease AND physical pain will ALWAYS exist but, since DEA has taken over healthcare as far as pain management, we are truly DAMNED! I, alike MILLIONS of patients do NOT use opiate MEDICATION to “feel good”, we use our personally prescribed MEDICATION to simply make lifelong pain “a little” easier to deal with….24/7. What a damn shame!

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