Presidential debate – a take away ..

Both Pres Trump & candidate Biden seemed to state that PRE-EXISTING HEALTH ISSUES WOULD BE COVERED… by whatever health insurance system that either one will bring to the market place.

For the chronic pain community.. this pay provide a path for some law firms to find a way to take various parts of our healthcare system to task for failing to provide treatment for the various subjective diseases that impact those within the community.

Take for example,  According to Humana Part D policy in 2021 will NO LONGER COVER Benzodiazepines.  I did not investigate what other meds are not going to be covered during 2021.

If it is going to be stated that all insurance programs are to cover pre-existing health issues… should that give the insurance company to NOT COVER a particular med or category/class of meds ?  Could this dove-tail into civil rights/discrimination issue under the Americans with Disability and Civil Rights Act ?


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