Oregon Board of Pharmacy has taken a stand

According to a article in THE OREGONIAN … the Oregon Board of pharmacy has taken a stand on under staffing and patient safety..

What is interesting is some of the comments attached to this article… some of the people are totally clueless about what we do… what a shame…

What has yet to be seen.. is if this is just another “feel good law” … and no one is willing to enforce it.

My forecast is that the chains will make some changes in the near term and slowly drift back to “business as usual”.. to test the BOP’s willingness to fine or suspend a permit holder’s license…

Will this increase in staffing mean that these chains will accept lower profits… or .. will they take a similar stand with the PBM’s and tell them that their reimbursements are no longer viable and start dropping out of their contracts?

Is is time for the NABP’s to create a model law/practice act… patterned after Oregon for other states to strongly consider implementing?

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  1. […] is after last month the BOP of Oregon passed new regulations that the BOP can be more aggressive with permit holders over errors caused by work environment […]

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