Meet Joe Zorek .. a RPH with a “brass pair”

Here is a article from the ABC station in central PA…

It is our old friends at CVS… cutting hours… trying to cover up mistakes… denying everything going wrong and blaming it on the RPH and the Rx staff.. while we all know that CVS has a UNDERSTAFFED/OVERWORKED philosophy for their Rx dept.  Are they totally out of control?

If this issue of whistle blower holds water.. the rest of you guys .. with any chain.. that is doing the same type of crap… the onus .. in now on you… IMO.. we could see class action law suits out the wazoo …

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  1. […] Meet Joe Zorek .. a RPH with a “brass pair” […]

  2. I was fired by CVS in May as a PIC the reason given was that I wasn’t meeting there metrics with the continual reduction of tech hours and staff pharmacist turnover (5 RPh’s in less than 2yrs) I was unable to achieve their goals despite putting in 20% more hours than I was getting paid for just to try to keep up. So, You’ve got it right.

    • I hear the same complaints in the Kentucky market. Under these conditions, why would you want to jeopardize your license and a patient’s health trying to meet their demands. Patient safety should be a major concern. I believe Joint Commission standards should apply to the ambulatory care setting.

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