So you think that long hours working is not dangerous?

Here is a article from the NBC station in the Washington DC area. Some Pharmacists believe that if we were unionized.. we would have a safer work environment and not have to work such long hours. Here is a situation where a 911 dispatcher fell asleep in the middle of a phone call.. where the person in distressed on the other end of the phone call WAS NOT BREATHING…

What did the supervisor for this union member do???

“The employee was immediately removed from the floor by his supervisor that night and placed on administrative leave with pay pending the inquiry

And now what is being done to prevent this from happening in the future ???

dispatchers are now working in a renovated call center where a supervisor can now see all of the dispatchers.  The county, he said, now hopes this will prevent anyone from falling asleep.

I am sure that the people in this metro area… that are calling 911 in a crisis … will take comfort that people will be watching so that no dispatcher is asleep… of course … fighting to stay awake… will do little to help a dispatcher be  “on top of their game”…

Of course, like pharmacy and Pharmacists… the people who set up these dangerous schedules have no consequences… when things goes terribly wrong with the people that we are there to take care of…

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