How our health care system could be more efficient – part two

IMO.. our system has too many for-profit middlemen.. what we don’t know is how many middlemen are there in the system supporting the middlemen… recently a company that negotiates the rebates (kick-backs) from the Pharma for the PBM’s came to light. It was also recently reported that certain Pharma’s have paid the PBM’s >50% rebate […]

The big corporate lies

The Pharmacy Warrior recently posted on his blog  If You’re a Pharmacist You’re On Your Own he elaborated on a “reality show  “You’re Phucked if You’re a Pharmacist“ To elaborate on this reality show… when the BOP hearing was held… the corporate participants relied on the typical big corporate lies to CYA themselves and their […]

How our healthcare system could be more efficient -part one

First of all we have too many for profit entities that are middlemen. It is estimated that the PBM’s net profit of SIX BILLION a yr.. For doing not much more than a VISA or MasterCard function. In fact, that is more net profit than the WORLDWIDE operation of those two charge cards’ net profit. […]

The DEA the loose cannon in the war on drugs

Here is the outcome from that crap in Sanford FL with Cardinal wholesaler and the volume of certain C-II’s that was sold to two CVS stores. Note that no one at Cardnal ever saw a prescription, saw a patient nor provided any of these medications directly to a patient. That was all done by the […]

The NC BOP has spoken… what a bunch of weenies !

In the case of K*** H*** against CVS in North Carolina .. here is a long version of  where this started All those involved – except the non-pharmacy store manager and DM… got a WARNING LETTER… basically a SLAP ON THE WRIST to K** H**.. CVS ( Permit holder) and the Pharmacy district supervisor… […]

MALE MBA’s with low ethics get higher pay

Here is a study that suggests that MBA graduates that profess to have little/no ethics get higher paying positions…. is it anyone’s guess that CVS & Rite Aid & Walgreens… hires MBA’s not based on their grades… but …maybe gives them a “ethics test” and the ones who score the lowest gets the job??? Maybe […]

If you wondered by ESI & Medco can show 2.5 BILLION in net profits ?

According to this article in FORBES … the brand name industry is basically giving away the farm in rebates.. This might help to explain why before there were “drug cards” and PBM’s… wholesale prices didn’t move much… Almost everyday I work.. I see insurance “formularies” mandating the using of one drug over another for a […]

So you think that physicians do not have patient demand issues?

Here is a blog post that would suggest that Physicians have just as much problem with some patient as we do.. they apparently accept the fact that you cannot please all the people all the time and do what is best for the patient… not tell the patient what they want to hear… or cave […]

Find a need and fill it – the basis of building a business

Innovation sometimes creates a need by creating a product that no one ever knew they needed. Take Steve Jobs.. Who ever believed that any of us needed a iPod, iPad, or iPhone. Some of us have trouble determining the difference between needs and wants. Perhaps this is the underlying cause of many who are over […]

New Pharmacy school in Eastern Kentucky seems to have pulled the plug

According to this article in Lexington – Herald Leader.. A proposed new pharmacy school that was proposed in Jan 2010.. has now pulled the plug on seeking accreditation from the ACPE… As the surplus of Pharmacists grows… is this the first of many “dominoes” to fall?