The illegal Fentanyl from China is killing more American EACH YEAR… than all the soldier killed in ALL THE YEARS of the Vietnam war, everyone killed at the attack on Pearl Harbor and all the people killed at 911  TOGETHER…

Now that the SCOTUS has declared that DOJ/DEA is incorrectly/illegally charging many prescribers of prescribing control meds without meeting a UNDEFINED standard of care and best practices Supreme Court Rules for Doctors on ‘Pill Mill’ Prosecution Proof: 9 to 0 in favor of practitioners

Who believes that the DEA will start to focus on their original charge back in 1973 to deal with illegal controlled substances being sold – mostly on our streets.

Here is graphic I have from 2014 – EIGHT YEARS AGO…  16K OD’s per year. the number of deaths from use/abuse of alcohol & tobacco hasn’t changed much BUT, the number of OD drug deaths is up ALMOST SEVEN TIMES.

There is substantial evidence that most/all of this illegal Fentanyl analog is made in China and shipped to Mexico, who turns the raw illegal Fentanyl powder and using their tablet presses, produces  millions and millions of fake tablets that looks like legal prescription tablets/doses.  Recently the DEA or CDC stated that 60% of the illegal Fentanyl tablets contain a LETHAL AMOUNT OF THE ILLEGAL FENTANYL.

That is like playing Russian Roulette with a 5 shot gun with only 2 chambers EMPTY.

If another nation or two is contributing to the deaths of > 100,000 of our citizens EVERY YEAR … are we at WAR ?   All it took to declare war against Japan when they attacked Pearl Harbor and killed about 3000 … All it took was the 911 attack on the twin towers in NY and killed about 3000 to declare war on the Bin Laden and his followers.   Of course, those deaths all happened in a SINGLE DAY… and since the OD deaths from illegal Fentanyl is abt 300/day… a number not significant enough for us to act ?  We don’t have to attack another country… we could start by CLOSING OUR SOUTHERN BORDER and initiate other efforts to stop the tsunami of illegal drugs coming into our country. There is – on average 7700 people that die in our country VERY DAY… maybe 4% are being killed by illegal drug coming into our country is not significant enough to worry about ?

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