Is it reasonable to have a person who is running to represent people in Congress to share their position on a issue ?

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Ms Houchin,

Could you please share your position on the war on drugs and all the illegal fentanyl coming across our SW border from China & Mexico cartels and 70K-75K/yr dying from illegal opiate poisoning ? There is a estimated 100+ million people dealing with chronic pain and that could suggests that in Indiana 9th district has some 200K-250K and the DEA is raiding prescriber’s practices apparently based on (illegal) data mining of states’ PDMP’s and charging prescribers of violating some undefined standard of care and best practices and red flags that the SCOTUS recently declared were UNCONSTITUTIONAL in regards to being used to confiscate guns and the results of the 2016 CDC opiate dosing guidelines have caused many dealing with chronic pain to have their medically necessary pain management to be reduced and patient’s quality of life is being greatly compromised

Thanks in Advance


This person (Erin Houchen) is running for Congress as the candidate for the 9th Indiana district House seat. She was the Senator representing the 47th Indiana district for 8 years, ending in 2022. A few years back, I attended a political action day at the Indianapolis state house organized by the Indiana Pharmacist Assoc, which I am a member.  Part of that day was the typical “chicken meal” and speakers addressing the couple of hundred Pharmacists, Pharmacy students and technicians.  There was three speakers, two pharmacists, one in the House & one in the Senate and Senator Houchin.

As I remember, Senator Houchin was pretty much “gun-ho” about fighting the war on drugs, you know.. all opiates are bad and everyone who takes opiates get addicted.  So, on June 15th, 2022, I sent the above question to her, via the email on her campaign webpage.  She is a little younger than our Daughter, maybe I should have sent it via Face Book or text since she is part of GenX like our Daughter.

According her wikipedia page  She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and a Master of Arts political management . which would suggest that she lacks a depth of knowledge in regards to addiction vs dependence and the understanding that the illegal Fentanyl that last year killed/poisoned some 70K- 75K of our citizens and that according to wikipedia there is some 400 different KNOWN Fentanyl analogs and only one is approved for by the FDA for human use and the FDA approved Fentanyl analog that is commercially available is not available in a solid oral dosage form.  Here I am 2+ weeks after sending that email and I have only heard


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  1. It IS reasonable. Mandatory even.

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