Liberty Medical “financial boat” taking on water

From the Article:

The Chapter 11 filing should freeze payments that have been made since November by Liberty to the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. It asserts that Liberty was overpaid and is demanding restitution. Harvey said Liberty disputes the center’s claim, but had to begin paying even before a hearing is scheduled.

Liberty’s parent company, Medco Health Solutions, merged with Express Scripts in April. Liberty was a tiny portion of the $29 billion deal and Express Scripts made it clear the diabetes supply company would not be part of its plans. In August, the pharmacy benefit giant announced plans to divest itself of Liberty.

According to a post on NCPA blog

For years the community pharmacists who comprise NCPA’s members have voiced patient complaints of auto-shipping by mail order companies like Liberty Medical. About a year ago NCPA staff began compiling and documenting these examples of waste in an online compilation entitled

Maybe the playing fields is starting to be leveled


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  1. “Liberty’s parent company, Medco Health Solutions”. I did not know this. Had I known Medco was the parent company, I should have known Liberty was crooked. If we consider the fraud in the Medicare system, it makes me wonder how the system stays afloat. There is so much abuse and fraud in our whole healthcare system that if it could be eliminated, then we would have pretty good healthcare system. Of course, that ‘ain’t gonna happen’. The very foundation of our healthcare system is rotten and there is no way that anything good can come of it. It will take a major overhaul to make it better. Or, I might say, not really an overhaul, but people becoming accountable for their own healthcare expenses with the elimination of insurance, PBM’s, and all government sponsored programs. I know that to a lot of you this sounds radical. But, at the rate this country is spending money, it will look like a good idea in the future. Only until we come to the edge of the cliff or complete bankruptcy will alternatives be considered.

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