No they don’t hate you !


Why Do They Hate Us..

Pharmacy Chick told a story of a former indy RPH who had sold his store to a chain store and agreed to work for them.. basically .. initially everything was wine & roses.. Then it appeared that once the RPH and his staff from his indy store had enough time for all his patients to find their way to the “new pharmacy” where their “old Pharmacist” was now. Then things started to change… the Pharmacist went from being the boss to being bossed.

He seemingly got the impression that they “hated him”

Being a former indy and having worked for corporate America… there is a huge difference between the goals between the two different operations

What this particular Pharmacist seemed to fail to realize that the employee Pharmacist is no where  on the list of  the ‘gods’ that corporate executives worship.

At the corporate alter… there is the head, THREAT MASTER (stock market) and his two bastard siblings COLD CASH & STOCK OPTIONS..

In fact, recently Larry Merlo made this quote :

According to Merlo, CVS Caremark’s pharmacists are the company’s greatest asset.

He apparently just didn’t elaborate that just any old young Pharmacist will do..


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  1. Merlo must be the biggest joker/liar of 2013. His pharmacists are the most disposable and least respected asset of the company. With 14 hours shifts with not a single break, with the constant threats of termination, with high school graduates a.k.a. Store managers being placed in charge of the pharmacists.
    His company is actually one of the reasons of our high health care cost(with forced auto refills and stupid initiatives).
    I’m happy I’m no longer there.

  2. I read the article. It was difficult trying to step through all the BS by Merlo. Think Merlo is really interested in patient compliance? He is interested in squeezing the last dollar out of every customer. And, in the process, he has pharmacists doing all sorts of crap. I cannot understand how their pharmacists are able to get prescriptions filled because of all the crap they have to do.

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