Your Pharmacist could be DANGEROUS to YOUR HEALTH

We all know about distracted drivers, texting, cellphones and we are all aware of impaired drivers – medications, illegal drugs, alcohol, lack of sleep.
The Pharmacist filling your prescription may be suffering from one or more of these conditions.

Distracted – the typical Pharmacist has to oversee 3-4 or more technicians… having to keep a ear out for what they are saying and a eye on what they are doing.. plus the 2-4 phone lines that may be ringing… customers/patients that are inquiring/interrupting why it takes so long it takes to fill their prescription, why their copay has changed, why their insurance won’t cover this particular medication.. and on and on … Multitasking and having to deal with unplanned distractions and interruptions… and people wonder why on occasions their Rx is mis-filled.

If this was not enough.. many chain pharmacists are mandated to work 12-14 hr days and multiple of these days in a row. Many work without a SINGLE MEAL BREAK.. nor any breaks at all.. and are often discouraged to take bathroom breaks. Some chain pharmacies refuse to allow a chair to be in the Rx area, nor any food or beverage.

There are numerous published studies in a number of industries that a person’s ability to be efficient and accurate declines dramatically after 8-9 hr day at work.

So you may be trusting your health on a pharmacist that is overly tired, distracted and numerous other things that is affects their ability to do their work accurately.. and the Pharmacist’s chain/corporate employer is the one creating this work environment.. Do you think that corporate/chain pharmacy executives really have your health as a high priority?

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  1. One thing that I have noticed in many chain pharmacies is the lack of professionalism. I believe the environment of such an important job should be quiet and without general, unnecessary conversation. Unfortunately this like many other obvious things will take regulation and written rule. Let the concentration.happen behind the counter and the gossip and.general conversation happen in the break room for the safety of all patients and the protection of the pharmacist.

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