Save money… avoid fines… pay/encourage customers to check your shelves of expired products !

cvsphotoIt would appear that encouraging customers to find expired products on the shelf and get a $2.00 store coupon for turning them in. If the customers pick out all the products and they are not sold.. I guess that you circumvent the law for selling expired products, and keep from having to pay staff  to monitor the shelves. These are the best that I could make the images.. some or more easily read than others… you might try to copy and move to another program where they can enlarged to make them more readable.



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  1. CVS has a problem with expired merchandise. Does this mean they are not moving merchandise in a timely manner? Does this mean their sales suck? At Wal-Mart, where I work, it is rare to come across an expired item because merchandise is moved so fast and if an item is not moving they stop stocking it.

    From the letters that you posted, it seems that everything is being dumped back on the store managers. It does seem like poor management and probably a lack of staffing. My guess is that their store managers are not trained well enough and probably not given the help they need to get everything done.

    But, it is a sad commentary on the state of CVS stores when you have to turn over the detection of expired items to the customers. Who ever heard of such a thing???

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