Understanding DUR Management

Understanding DUR Management

From the booklet

Page 3  – When a prescription is processed through the pharmacy system, the system automatically checks for eleven different types of possible Drug Utilization Review (DUR) occurrences. As a Pharmacist, you are responsible for addressing all DUR occurrences.

Page 12 –Policy Statement – Pharmacies have a professional responsibility to perform  prospective DUR in accordance with the state’s Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA) regulations. Among other important clinical responsibilities, this action includes the patient profile review for a drug-to-drug interaction. If Pharmacists discover a drugto-drug interaction through their professional knowledge or RxConnect system, the situation must be reviewed and resolved. The check applies to all the interactions regardless of their severity level

A pdf showed up in my email.. a 41 page CVS  training booklet about their DUR system and how the RPH is expected to interact with it… I have pulled the above from that booklet.

If the rumors that I have heard about CVS Rph’s being threatened when the CVS computer system is down… to “keep filling them” .. which would seem to be in conflict with their own policies of the Pharmacist’s professional responsibility… but maybe their corporate mission of making a profit trumps all other policies. Could it be that the general public’s health/safety and the Pharmacist’s license is of less importance than CVS’ s stock price and the executive suite’s bonuses ?

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  1. So, CVS is pushing pharmacists to go against CVS’s own policies. From what I have read about CVS, this does not seem like anything new. However, the inability to do DUR checks is a serious matter. And, as you say, if it is true that CVS is pushing pharmacists to keep filling rx’s when they are unable to do DUR checking, then they are putting patients at serious risk of harm. If their computer system keeps breaking down, then the FEDS and/or state boards should come in and shut them down. But, guess who will get the ‘shaft’? It will be the pharmacists. Pick on the ones with the least power.

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