Addiction in America: Heroin for seniors?

Addiction in America: Heroin for seniors?

When you take away chronic pain pts’ necessary medication… they seek alternatives… not knowing what they are doing… they OVERDOSE… of course, when you talk to someone who runs an addiction facility… properly treating a pt’s chronic pain with opiates… is not an option.

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  1. Sorry, my last comment posted before I meant too. Your response took the words right out of my mouth.
    I look forward to reading more of your posts, both new and older ones, because I think it will be wonderful getting to know you better.

  2. We have all these so called experts speaking out against addiction. While this one actually said that these seniors have a real need for pain medications, she almost said that they have turned to heroin because pain medications were taken away. But the reporter lead her answers to the point that she said no one is immune to the addictive nature of opiate pain medications.

    How can we win the argument that there is a need for these medications when 99% of the press has sensationalized the addiction problem to the point that all of us who use opiates to relieve our chronic pain daily are addicts?

    Why the hell don’t they interview the seniors who turned to heroin so America can hear the real truth? The fact that their meds have been taken away so they had a choice, heroin or a bullet to the head.

    Just maybe we should all admit that we are addicts. Yes we are not addicted to the medications, but we are addicted to pain relief! The opiate pain medications are simply the tool we use to treat our addiction to relief.

  3. HELLO!!! Its not just the old folks! We either find a way to deal with our pain. Or we take our own lives… GET USED TO IT!!!!!!

  4. Talk about media sticking to the government”s talking points. The piece was all about addictive pain pills and now grandma is buying heroin. Nothe one mention of all the senior citizens with severe intractable chronic pain conditions that were adequately controlled buy prescription pain medication until the DEA made it virtually impossible to find a doctor or even a pharmacy willing to fill that prescription. So the agony out of their pain is what is driving them to seek relief. And they are dying because of it.

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